Guest Post for Deliver Us Book Tour

I’m hosting a guest post written by author Santino Reynolds today, the blogger behind As Write As Reyn. Santino Reynolds’ debut novel, Deliver Us, is coming in October 2012 from Senzuri Books.

Literature, I Unfriend You

Want to write a novel someday? No? Perfect. This is actually for you readers out there. If you ever plan on writing in the future, then sit down and shut up. This isn’t about me and this isn’t about you writers. It’s about the swill that we have been peddling to poor, undeserving readers that for some strange reason continue to trudge along through it.

Literature, the last bastion of the intellectual masses, has succumbed to the same disease as American television. Reading books today has become the equivalent of a working human brain (with electrical impulses and such) being doused with water. Don’t believe me? I tried to get away from television because it was killing me to have to watch it. And what happened…?

Paris Hilton, Snooki and the Kardashians all have books now. And don’t give me that malarkey that it’s not that bad. Sure they all flaunted their hoo-ha’s on television to our amusement and they all have their own failed line of colognes and contraceptives. But I’m telling you, books are no better than television right now. Want more proof? Joe Paterno has a biography coming out soon. Yes, the coach accused of encroaching the under-aged line of scrimmage has a new novel. I can only imagine the 400 plus pages of KY fueled children’s nightmares. Paterno would run drills with the boys all day, then they would begin practice.

I’m not done yet. Martin Dugard co-authored a book with, hold your applause, Bill O’Reilly. Co-authored? I’ve seen the way O’Reilly treats the guests on his show. So I’m guessing Dugard co-authored the book the same way Lois is a co-star in the Superman movies. Bill O’Reilly revisiting politics of the civil war times would be like a 20th century magician visiting the 1800s. Back then, no one will recognize their tired old tricks and they’ll both hope to come back with a little black souvenir. Draw your own conclusions folks, but I meant a top hat. Michael Vick has a book as well. It’s titled Finally Free. He co-authored the book with Lindsay Lohan, Martha Stewart, Lil’ Kim, Tim Allen, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Keifer Sutherland, Mike Tyson and a few others. This project was years in the making and Vick actually wanted OJ Simpson on the ground floor, but…

One last book, 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James. It’s the story of an attractive, wealthy and controlling man that uses his charm and finances to introduce an innocent woman to a world of fancy cars, expensive dinner parties, and sleazy sexual misconduct. Wait, haven’t we heard that story in the news before, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and most definitely Mitt Romney? But I’m not going to knock E. L. James or her book 50 Shades of Grey. I think you and husbands all over thank you for the week of quiet reading and exploratory sex that follows.

Coming out soon is a novel simply entitled Deliver Us. I’m afraid the only thing that author is capable of delivering us from is…wait. This is my novel. Keep your eyes peeled for Deliver Us, written by me, this October. Until then, stay friendly with literature.

About Deliver Us

Title: Deliver Us
Author: Santino Reynolds
Genre: Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Senzuri Books
Publication Date: October 2012

“I caused this, because I’m too afraid of…him.”

“I caused this, because I sat back and let life pass me by.”

“I caused this, because I let my anger and beliefs get the best of me.”

Three strangers share with you, the events that took place ten months ago that changed their lives forever.

Javier escapes his abusive relationship with Rick. But can he trust his traveling companion as they head to Arkansas for safety?

Ryan dreams of the world outside of Arkansas; his only way out is college. Meanwhile, Ryan’s friend returns for the summer with a shocking gift. Can Ryan stop dreaming and focus on the nightmare brewing around him?

Shawn is a family man whose hate becomes all too consuming. He pays the price for his hatred, but how much will revenge cost him?

Listen to three stories unfold and collide as Javier, Ryan, and Shawn share their thoughts, a twist you’ll never forget, and their fate.

Author Bio

Finding your passion can be quite a long journey, as proved by Santino Reynolds. The Chicago-born young adult traveled over fifteen states, living in many of them. From behind a desk to behind enemy lines, Santino’s vibrant list of accolades includes: becoming the Musclemania middle-weight bodybuilding champion, becoming an Iraq war veteran, learning sign language and so much more. But none of those titles filled Santino with the passion he has for story-telling. Santino first began writing short horror stories at the age of eight. However, his first full length novel was a romance inspired by a close relative “coming out” to him. As he continued to write, romance became more of a background and his love for horror took center stage. Even though the genres may change, Santino Reynolds never will. Remnants, hints and allusions to his earlier works are always evident in his latest books. Try to find the House Of Cards reference in Deliver Us. Santino now resides in Arizona and continues to write horror novels. His lifelong dream is a collaboration with the living legend George A. Romero.

For a list of fun facts and full biography be sure to stop by his website at and stalk him down on his Twitter handle @AsWriteAsReyn

Author Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter


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