Book Review ‘Living The Thin Life’

Title: Living The Thin Life
Author: Elle Meyer
Genre: Diet/Weight Maintenance
Rating: 9/10

Living the Thin Life – Creative Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Life was written to help successful dieters maintain their ideal weight. Each person is different, so everyone needs to develop his or her own personalized plan for fitness and weight maintenance. This book explains how to build that personal plan to take into account each individual’s unique eating personality. Tips for staying motivated, shaving off calories, and working exercise into an everyday routine are provided in a light-hearted manner. As an added bonus, over 50 healthy, low calorie recipes are included.

The author, Elle Meyer, successfully lost weight ten years ago and came up with her own methods for keeping the weight off. She decided to write a book to tell her story and share strategies that really work. She interviewed many people who have lost and maintained weight and included their best ideas and suggestions. These tips are from real people, for real people.

In addition to including common sense, effective diet techniques, Elle also describes some habits of her husband “Elvis” (name changed to protect his reputation). These habits provide examples of what not to do when trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Book Review

I don’t usually read non fiction novels, but I wanted to make an exception for this one. I’ve been struggling with my weight for many years now, and I’m glad to read a book by an author who not only managed to lose the weight, but who also managed to keep it off for a long period of time. I’m quite jealous, to be honest (but in a good way!) and wished this would work for me as well, so I’m going to take the principles mentioned in Living The Thin Life and use them myself to keep the weight off.

The author gives some useful suggestions, ranging from what to eat and what not to eat to how to exercise and how many times a week to exercise. I found her exercise tips in particular very useful. I also loved how she referred to her husband as ‘Elvis’ because he’s the King! Haha. I also liked how she contrasted certain things she did with things her husband did, and which obviously didn’t work. It was nice to see the contrast.

This book inspired me to start my eternal struggle against the extra weight again. I hope that if you read it, it inspires you just as much!

Book Excerpt

Chapter 1 Let’s Get Motivated

This is my key message – discover what motivates you and what works for you. We are all unique individuals. We don’t look alike or think alike, so why should we expect the same eating or exercise program to work for everyone? In fact, research has shown that women differ from one another more than men do1. These differences make it important to develop your own system and not expect a “one-size-fits-all” program to work for you. Pick and choose from all the suggestions and advice presented here to come up with your own personalized plan. Improvise by adjusting, combining, or adding suggestions.

Over the years I’ve realized you can develop a system that suits you through experimentation and learning from your experiences. It’s an ongoing process that you will continue to fine-tune over time. There are new products continually being developed – exercise equipment and programs, sugar and fat substitutes, new menu items at restaurants – so you can add variety to your routine and avoid monotony. That keeps it fun!

The first step in developing your custom plan is to discover your own personal motivators. What truly makes you want to do whatever it takes to stay healthy and fit? When you’re tempted to overeat or skip a workout, what thoughts will keep you on track by reminding you of why you want to stay in good shape? Here are some possibilities to consider:

A desire to be healthy. This is a great motivator for most people. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce your risk of developing certain health conditions such as:

• High blood pressure
• Type 2 diabetes
• Heart disease and stroke
• High blood fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides
• Arthritis
• Cancer
• Gallstones
• Fatty liver disease


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