Book Review Succubus Rising

cover600Title: Succubus Rising

Author: B.R. Kingsolver

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4 stars

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Book 3 of the Telepathic Clans Saga, Succubus Rising

The Goddess has plans for Brenna and Rebecca, and the Goddess has a wicked sense of humor.

Rebecca Healy is a true wilder, growing up with no contact or knowledge of other telepaths. Discovered by a Clan member on the streets of San Francisco, she felt like she’d hit the jackpot. Finally, she knew what she was, or at least she thought she did.

When Brenna O’Donnell, long-lost heir of the O’Donnell Clan, and the strongest telepath in history, is returned to her family, she and Rebecca form a tight bond. Brenna has it all, looks, money, power, and men falling all over her.

Rebecca isn’t jealous, but it would be nice to find someone who would really love her and stick around in the morning. She’s intrigued by a handsome South American general, but of course, he has his sights set on Brenna. Carlos de Vargas wants more than love. His Clan has its back to the wall, and they hope for an alliance with O’Donnell. An alliance that would lead to war.

The story began in The Succubus Gift and continued in Succubus Unleashed. In Succubus Rising, questions are answered and new mysteries are revealed.

Succubus Rising is a thrilling, romantic, naughty read about a self-empowered Succubus woman named Brenna, who has no problems whatsoever winding men (and women) around her little finger. Brenna is confident and intriguing, and has a clear mind, which is a welcome bonus in the tough and complicated world she lives in. The story evolves around different clans (the telepathic clans) who have all sorts of problems and are sometimes even on the verge of war. I thought the idea of the clans was a good one, and it was executed great as well.

Rebecca was another interesting character, in particular because she’s very different from Brenna. She has a great sense of humor, and I enjoyed reading her scene as well.

The book is a nice mix of suspense and romance, with some truly heartfelt emotions at its core.


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