Author Interview with Daitoku Daiichi


It doesn’t happen very often that I get to interview authors who write about foreign countries like Japan, so I jumped to the opportunity to ask some questions from author Daitoku Daiichi, the author of “Hot Spring”.

1) What is the hardest part about being an author?

The hardest part about being an author is appearing soft. Let me explain. As I am quite a private person nowadays, I rarely talk about my own life unless it necessary to the conversation. Most of the time people ask me questions for their own sake, and if I tell them about myself it becomes irrelevant. Some time ago this was considered tactful and considerate. I don’t do this in real life:

“How do I get to City Hall?”

“Yeah, I be going to the supermarket to buy some condoms, it’s really cool. Man, you should like, totally go to the supermarket. Like right now. It be awesome. They can fit right over your head!”

I am precisely that guy in the street whom people ask for directions when they are confused. I help them out, but I hardly ever see them again. Sometimes they even ask me directions in a foreign language. So in a group of people, I won’t talk about my new promotion or how my company is expanding, so I may appear soft or ‘unmanly’.

And as a novelist, the other occupational hazard is to talk about fiction, and fictional characters, as if they are real. To the average person, this is a sign of lunacy. Sometimes, if I’m with people who don’t look like they read, I just tell myself to smile and keep my mouth shut.

2) Can you give us the synopsis of your book?

My website has a blurb meant for the back cover, but I’ll give a more personal synopsis here. Chucky, middle-ranking divinity in the Eastern Heaven, has been tasked with assisting Godfrey, supreme lord of the Western Paradise. Chucky is surprised by an upheaval in the Western Paradise, and soon Godfrey and Chucky make their mission to the mortal realm.

On earth, they appear in Langkawi, Malaysia and admire her pleasures. The beaches are perfect for inspiring love. Godfrey then hears of Singapore from a British tourist David White, so he takes Chucky along to see the excitement. Luxury hotels, fine dining, attractive women, grand casinos, mega malls, popular churches and orderly government; Singapore has it all despite her small size.

Singapore therefore attracts indecent people as much as she attracts decent people. An insidious plot is forming to rob Singaporeans of their wealth, including those who live there for work and tourism. Together with their local friends, Godfrey and Chucky save the island from the fraudulent scheme. The duo then leave after their work is done.

3) If you could have dinner with three random authors, which ones would you choose?

JG Ballard, Empire of the Sun, Sōseki Natsume, I am a Cat, and Cao Xueqin, Dream of Red Mansion.

4) How many hours do you write per day/week/month (choose time period yourself)?

I usually write most from January to July, because I get busy with tutoring in the later part of the year. The best I can do is 4 days a week, 5 hours a day. I really need the remaining time to rest and to run my personal life.

5) What is your favorite book?

Many, but I like any book that is sensational and innovative. My favorite read in the last two years has been The Story of My Life by Giacomo Casanova.
Thanks for answering my questions!

About Hot Spring

god-chuck-ebook-cover-webuse-lgeThe Wonderful Adventures of Godfrey and Chucky

Godfrey is young, wealthy and able-bodied. He has all the women you can imagine, and unbelievably deep pockets. But Godfrey wants more. His Great Greatness wants to rid the world of a menacing scourge, and restore what is truly superior to an elevated position. Why would anyone stop him? Who could possibly stop him?

Chucky arrives as the new assistant, and tries to perform every duty that is handed to him. What challenges for a dull servant! Look at him muddling through! With passports of exclusive privilege, the two adventurers make a splash in tropical Langkawi, where the water is blue and the girls are brown. Then they rendezvous with the locals in Singapore, where pleasures are plentiful and multicolored. Food and money are found in piles. Life in a global city should be, possibly, one of uninterrupted leisure…shouldn’t it?

Desire is a seductively red piece of jade, which resides even in our dreams.

“I am a healthy, strong and sexy male with a life, most of it sex life.” – Godfrey Mann

“I did not know how to reply, since the words were difficult to speak.” – Chucky



Author Website:

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Author Bio

I committed myself to writing playful and profound books for discerning readers of good taste. I hope to give to my readers delightful characters in moving scenes that will help all of us to appreciate life better.

I have lived in parts of Asia, USA and Europe, so I hope to combine these diverse experiences to craft some great literature.


If you can give an answer to one of the three questions below, you’ll be entered into a raffle for one of five eBook copies of Hot Spring. Please mail your replies to and put ‘Enchanted Book Promotions’ in your subject line.

If you can’t find your answer in the excerpt here, check out the other excerpts featured during the tour for an answer.

Godfrey and Chucky giveaway quiz
1. Chucky is Godfrey’s

  • a. Golf buddy
  • b. Temporary servant
  • c. Love interest
  • d. Page boy

2. What is Godfrey’s other name?

  • a. Godly
  • b. Goodness
  • c. Gawd
  • d. Godzilla

3. Where do Godfrey and Chucky stay in Singapore?

  • a. A Bed and Breakfast Inn called Geylang Eggs
  • b. A modern business hotel called Quickie Profits
  • c. A colonial style luxury hotel called the Raffles Hotel
  • d. A Chinese-themed luxury hotel called the Red Jade Palace Hotel

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