Book Excerpt Sewing a Friendship


I’m hosting an excerpt today from chapter book ‘Sewing a Friendship’ written by Natalie Tinti, who is a multi-award winning author at age thirteen. Wow! I’m so glad to host an excerpt from her debut book.

Book Excerpt

Chapter 3                       


    “SSSleeepooover…How fun!” the wind murmured as it flew around the Blossom’s house.

The girls were still jumping on Sokron’s bed.

“Yeah, we can practice solving math problems all night long!” Meeka exclaimed in a fast pace.

“You won’t mind me dancing, will ya?” Jonsy asked.

“I would love to stay for a sleepover, but you know my dad has a hundred of rules,” Nina sighed. She stopped jumping and sat down on the bed.

Sokron sat down next to Nina and smiled, “It will be okay.”

“Well, it’s four o’clock; let’s get ready for the sleepover!” Jonsy said as she jumped off the bed with Meeka.

Then Meeka said, “Let’s go to the park first and study blue caterpillars for my science sandwich.”

“And I could teach the blue caterpillars to do professional-pointy-toed belly dancing,” Jonsy giggled.

“I’ll get them to wear fluffy cherry-pink tutus!” Sokron said with excitement.

“Plus, I can play pop-goes-the-the-weasel with my guitar,…trumpet, … violin, … banjo, … and drums. If I had them,” Nina said as she daydreamed about her instruments.

“Let’s do it,” they all shouted. They happily ran out of Sokron’s room and down the street. They found themselves at an enormous park covered with blooming flowers. Just then, something caught their eyes. It was KIKI SHAVER.

About Sewing a Friendship

SewingaFriendship-www.natalietinti.comTitle: Sewing a Friendship

Author: Natalie Tinti

Genre: Children’s Chapter Books

The four best friends, who are seven years old girls, are super excited about the start of summer! Their adventure begins with getting out of school and talking about a pink sleepover. But things do not run smoothly when nine years old Kiki, the rival girl, gets in the way by uninviting the girls to a fashion show.

Review by James A. Cox, Midwest Book Reviews:

“Sewing a Friendship” is an unusual, inspiring artistic conception/creation about empowering girls to overcome obstacles and use creativity to grow together.  Created by 10-year-old author/illustrator Natalie Tinti, “Sewing a Friendship” is a truly unique and life enhancing book.  Although the target audience might well be 7-10 years old girls, the positive messages about inclusion and imagination will also appeal to others from teens to adults.

Author Bio

At age thirteen Natalie Tinti is a multi-award winning author, illustrator, of 12 children’s books and an inspirational public speaker who promotes varied uplifting messages for her peers as well as their parents.  Despite this early success as an artist Natalie was recommended to repeat Kindergarten as her teacher thought she didn’t have adequate language function and memory recall.  However, this apparent set back would later serve as a valuable growth experience in her social awareness and desire to help her classmates. Natalie’s books gave her a platform for speaking at various venues where she promoted the empowerment of children to include: the value of social skills for overall happiness and as a tool in dealing with bullies, appreciating one’s unique talents and personality to bolster self-confidence, and challenging children of all ages to build friendships by having the courage to include others. 



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