Author Interview with Duncan M. Hamilton


I’m hosting an interview today with author Duncan M. Hamilton, the writer of “The Tattered Banner”, a fantasy novel. Thanks for the interview, Mr. Hamilton!

The Interview

1) What is the hardest part about being an author?

        Knowing when to quit for the day. I often find myself writing way into the night. (I’m writing the answer to this at 1am!)

2) Can you give us the synopsis of your book?

        The Tattered Banner is set in a Renaissance style fantasy world, where magic is outlawed and skill with a sword is revered.

        It is the story of a young man with unique talent who is presented with what are ostensibly great opportunities, but are really tools to allow him be used as a pawn in plots and events beyond his knowledge or comprehension.


        Any more than that will just give it away!

3) Is this part of a series or a stand alone?

        The Tattered Banner is the first part of the Society of the Sword trilogy. The second part should be out in late autumn.

4) How many hours do you write per day?

        It varies a huge amount. At least three or four though.

5) What is your favorite book?

        You could get a different answer from me on this every day. The Three Musketeers is today’s. Captain Blood, Scaramouche and The Count of Montecristo are the other most likely answers.

6) What are you working on now?

        My workflow involves two projects on the go at any time, a first draft and a project at the editing stage. Right now I’m doing the final edits on the second part of the Society of the Sword trilogy and I’m also working on the first draft of a new trilogy that I hope to release toward the end of next year.

About The Tattered Banner

The Tattered Banner CoverTitle: The Tattered Banner

Author: Duncan M. Hamilton

Genre: Fantasy

Self Published

Word Count: 124,000

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1481013222

(Kindle) 978-1-62347-203-0

Release Date: March 2013

Format: Paperback and e-book

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Nook UK, Kobo, iBookstore, Smashwords.


Unique talent always attracts attention…

In a world where magic is outlawed, ability with a sword is prized above all else. For Soren this means the chance to live out his dreams.

Plucked from a life of privation, he is given a coveted place at Ostenheim’s Academy of Swordsmanship, an opportunity beyond belief.

Opportunity is not always what it seems however, and gifts rarely come without conditions. Soren becomes an unwitting pawn in a game of intrigue and treachery that could cost him not just his dreams, but also his life.


Author Bio

Duncan is a writer of fantasy fiction novels and short stories that are set in a world influenced by Renaissance Europe. He has a Masters Degree in History, and is particularly interested in the medieval and renaissance periods.

He doesn’t live anywhere particularly exotic and when not writing he enjoys cycling, skiing and windsurfing.








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