Author Interview with Grant Reed


I’m hosting an interview today with Grant Reed, the author of mystery/humor book “Garrett’s Mulligan”.

1) What is the hardest part about being an author?

For me, there are a few things I find difficult about being a writer. If I had to choose one, I would say it is extremely difficult for me to try and find the time to write on a regular schedule when I also have to work full time. In the past I have done the majority of my writing when I have been laid off or between contracts, but I have been known to write 7 days a week while working a full time job as well. I guess the dream is to write full time, and pay my bills with my writing. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed though, as the bills keep on coming!!

2) Can you give us the synopsis of your book? and 3) Is this part of a series or a stand alone?

I’ll answer questions 2 and 3 together, so you can see where Garrett’s Mulligan fits in with the overall flow of the rest of the series. There is a jump in time from when the first books take place!

 Grant’s Vellian Novels:

 Vellian Heroes Book 1 (written with Gary Reed)

Funny Fruit

This is the first book in the Vellian Novels and is the story of the two old Masters Fonn and Yarl. In their 90’s, the brothers set out to train new apprentices as future Protectors of the Realm. Young Garrett and Azilda are selected, and adventures unfold as the characters embark upon a journey to stop the King’s First General from usurping the crown.

Vellian Heroes Book 2

The Cassadian Chalice (written with Gary Reed)

This is the second book in the Vellian Novels and continues the story of the children Garrett and Azilda as they train under their respective Masters. General Ascentyai Asimo and his son Vanrai may be in prison for their crimes against the Crown, but their indomitable drive will see them put the realm in its greatest danger yet.

Vellian Mysteries Book 1

Garrett’s Mulligan

Twenty years after the adventures in the Cassadian Chalice, Garrett’s Mulligan follows Garrett and his miniature dragon partner Merle as they attempt to make it in the real world. Garrett has finally received his P.I. papers and he and Merle must undertake a case for a notorious gangster in order to pay their bills.

Vellian Mysteries Book 2

The Deepbrook Devil

The latest Vellian Mystery has Garrett and his old friend Willie Taylor searching for the legendary creature of the Lonely Wood. The Deepbrook Devil is a century old legend that appears to have some truth to the myth. While Garrett and Willie hunt the beast, Merle finds himself in hot water back home, when his and Garrett’s automaton helper is signaled out by a dozen witnesses, as the abomination that murdered a businessman in his new factory.

4) How many hours do you write per day?

The amount of hours I write per day changes. I don’t have a set amount of hours, but I have a set amount of pages I like to complete. Some days the writing flows well and I finish my quota in two hours. Some days it takes six hours. The average time I write is probably around three hours a day.

5) What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is probably “Knights of Dark Renown” by David Gemmell. I discovered this book by Mr. Gemmell when I was 14 and I was mesmerized by the characters. How could good guys be so morally divided? Not all the heroes were knights in shining white, unblemished armor, and not all the bad guys were black hearted devils, they were all human. I was hooked.

6) What are you working on now?

I am currently working on my sixth novel, the next Vellian Mystery with Garrett and Merle. It’s 90% plotted out, and I am writing some preliminary outlines now.

Garrett’s Mulligan

garrettsmulliganfrontTitle: Garrett’s Mulligan

Author: Grant Reed

Genre: Humor / Fantasy / Mystery

At thirty-one Garrett Willigins has finally earned his private investigator’s badge. Unfortunately, the bills haven’t stopped coming and building a solid reputation won’t happen overnight. Forced to take employment wherever they can, Garrett and his miniature dragon partner Merle, must dirty their hands any way possible to make a buck. Shoveling manure, chasing cats, and dock duty seem to be the order of the day.
Working off back rent for a notorious gangster isn’t the safest of jobs on a good day, but when the other workers start turning up dead, Garrett finds himself elbow deep in a mystery that could spell a quick end to his short P.I. career.

Author Bio

SONY DSCGrant Reed has a background in business management, computer programming, and computer networking.  He would much rather be out fishing though, so he spends his time writing and working contract jobs. He lives in Lively Ontario, Canada with his wife Robin, and their two children Aidan and Megan






Author Page on Amazon:


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