Atlas Book Excerpt and Giveaway


I’m happy to host a snippet today from “Atlas”, a military science fiction novel. There’s also a giveaway – you can read more about that at the bottom of the post.

Book Excerpt

I remember standing there on the beach the first day, when the bay door opened and the mech stepped outside. This was the first time I’d seen a real life, modern ATLAS 5 outside of the netvids, or the simulator. It was a massive version of the ATLAS 1s we’d been porting around the base all this time. Three times the height of an ordinary man and ten times wider, it looked like a robot soldier, with arms, legs and a head. All metal–no cost-saving polycarbonate here. The head was a pinched version of a man’s. A red visor with two yellow glows made up the eye area. There was a red circle at the center of the bulky chest where the atomic core resided, beneath the cockpit. That’s right, no magnesium-ion batteries in this puppy.

I could see my reflection on that burnished armor, and the reflections of the trainees around me, and I saw the awe in all our eyes. I yearned to control it and feel its power.

Our ATLAS Warfare instructor came forward. “Welcome to the Atomic-powered, all-Terrain Land Assault Supersuit you’ve been dreaming about, children. Otherwise known as the ATLAS. Let me introduce you. Over a thousand hydraulically actuated joints with closed-loop positions and force control. On-board hydraulic pump and thermal management. Crash protection. Jump jets. Head-mounted sensor package with built in LIDAR, night vision, flash vision, zoom and other augmented reality perception boosts that smoothly integrate with your Implants. Modular wrists accept 3rd party hands–when you’re looking to throw a party put a couple of serpents in one and a twin M2A1 in the other.” He grinned widely. “The ATLAS 5. The war machine of your dreams. And your enemy’s nightmares.”

About Atlas

ATLAS_Cover-five-hundred-by-six-hundredTitle: Atlas

Author: Isaac Hooke

Genre: Military Science Fiction

Rade Galaal enrolls in the hardest military training known to man to become a member of the MOTHs, the most elite fighting unit in the galaxy. MOTHs are tacticians, corpsmen, snipers, astronauts and commandos rolled into one. They also happen to pilot the atomic-powered ATLAS mechs, specialized military hardware that brings new meaning to the phrase “one-man-army.”

When Special Warfare Command orders MOTH Team Seven on a covert operation 8,000 light-years beyond the furthest reaches of explored space, Rade realizes he’s signed up for more than he bargained for…

Author Bio

0B29DE19-765F-48BF-BCE5-613BFD2BCCAAIsaac Hooke is the author of the upcoming military science fiction novel, ATLAS. His experimental genre-bending action novel THE FOREVER GATE was an Amazon #1 bestseller in both the science fiction and fantasy categories when it was released in May 2013.

When Isaac isn’t writing, publishing, and blogging, he’s busy cycling and taking pictures in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He’s been writing since 1997, and he has a degree in Engineering Physics.

You can follow Isaac on Twitter @IsaacHooke and his website


ATLAS comes out Christmas 2013. Sign-up to be notified here:

In the meantime, you can check out a couple of short stories set in the ATLAS universe:

“Just Another Day” –

and “Caterpillar Without A Callsign” –

Goodreads link:


There’s a tour-wide giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card, 3 paperback copies of Atlas, and 3 digital copies of Atlas. Participate here:

Go here to participate in the giveaway.


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