Character Interview and Giveaway The Emperor’s New Clothes


I’m hosting a character interview and giveaway today for “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Enjoy!

1) Hey there! Nice to meet you. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Susskin Leeo, a hover-cab driver on Baldessh. On a world where everyone’s family, someone has to keep secrets safe. Who’s going where, who’s doing what. Or whom. Some worlds have priests, and confessionals. Baldessh has its hover-cab drivers.

2) How did you get involved in this story?

So our new Kovan Overlords have declared a curfew, nobody’s out partying. Slow, slow night. It’s way past midnight, and I’m just parked a block away from what used to be the hottest club in the city, before the invasion…this guy, nobleman, probably an outworlder, just drops into the car.
Wants to steal a ship from the Kovans.
Now I have a cousin that can get you damn near everything, legal or tax-free, but even she can’t arrange a spaceship, bless-her-implants.
Well this guy pulls it off–if by “steal a spaceship” you mean “steal our entire space fleet, the Royal Menagerie, the Baldasshi Parliament, and our Princess.”

3) What’s your life’s motto?

It used to be “You only live once…twice, at most…so avoid paying as much tax as possible”. But after having Royce Ree in my car–the “steal the whole damn planet” guy–it’s become “What would Royce Ree do?”

4) If you could be anywhere but here, where would you go?

Plostroon V. Royce told me it’s got the best salt-water taffy this side of the ‘verse.

5) What’s your favorite food?

A #4 at Geddys’s cantina, at the spaceport loading-docks. Best damn laxative you’re *ever* going to get without going to the medicos. People get in my cab, start complaining about complicated everything is, and I always tell ’em: The key to having a clean life is to have a clean bowel.

About the Book

RR1ATitle: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Author: Aldous Mercer

Genre: SciFi M/M Romance

Imperial Agent Royce Ree needs to pull off the biggest heist the Universe has ever seen, or it’s bye-bye cushy government job, hello cleaning toilets in a dive-bar on Baga-V.

To succeed, he will need help from the last person he’d ever ask: his ex.


Author Bio

A native of Toronto, Aldous Mercer enjoys martinis and relaxing on the beac-ha! No.

Aldous Mercer is a workaholic with a penchant for numerical mind games and caffeinated beverages. He uses his degree in Engineering to ensure that none of the spaceships in his books have cubic pressure-vessels. In real life he always annotates Engineering Drawings in Iambic Tetrameter.

Aldous can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.




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2 thoughts on “Character Interview and Giveaway The Emperor’s New Clothes

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  2. Barbara Streisand says:

    I just started on the first free book of the series and damn! I can’t stop reading! It’s great.

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