Book Excerpt Jack Canon’s Women of the House


Tip stood at the edge of the couch looking down at me. Sandy’s bare legs as the backdrop, “Jack, Winston is in the outer office. He told me he’s been waiting for more than a half-hour.”
“Does he look pissed?”
“Very. But then again when does
n’t he? I’ve never seen him smile. Have you?”
“Tell Daphne we’ll be just a few more minutes.”
“There’s one other thing before we get to him.”
Tip looked concerned for the third time today.
“What is it?”
“First let me preface, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s the second time it’s happened – so I thought you should know.”
“Tip, the suspense, just tell us.”
“It’s Martha, Jack…” My heart sank, “She snuck into the lobby and pretended to be on tour with the folks. I let it go the first time – figured it was a harmless prank – kid’s stuff, but…”
I cut him off, “How did she get past your guys?”
“Disguised in an oversized t-shirt, hair up in one of your baseball caps, wearing dark lensed sunglasses. I think they’re Kathy’s.”
I sat straight up, brushed my pants to straighten them, and tucked in my shirt. He didn’t notice – his eyes planted on the most pleasant sight in the room and stayed there. Sandy was the object of his desire – she was in rare form, and of all days, on this one—she may have peaked. Tip could keep at least half his brain tuned in to a conversation while the other indulged in his infatuation. ‘Dual Core, he always joked about his talent…’
“Do you think she was trying to sneak out?”
“I don’t know, maybe seeing how far she could get. Anyway, one of her agents intercepted her. I guess Martha doesn’t realize we have her on continuous watch. And, after the first time we added one of our people to the tour.”
“I’ll bet she was startled getting caught?”
“Not really. She was indignant – threw off the baseball cap and glasses and ran upstairs. The agent just followed her per protocol.”
Sandy interjected, “She’s a teenager, probably wants to see if she could get out sometime to be with her friends.”
“Well there’s no need for you to worry, Jack, we’ve had her double teamed since day one, – she’d have to evade ten of our best to get to the street.”
“Even so, Tip, she shouldn’t be making your life difficult. Bring me some of the letters.”
“Are you sure, Jack?”
“Martha may as well know right now what we’re up against.”
“I have them on my tablet.” Tip tapped the face of the screen a few times then passed it to me.
“May I read it?” Sandy asked, intercepting the device.
After reading only a few sentences, she dropped the screen into her lap. “Oh my God,” She shuttered shaking her head, raising her shoulders, “Whoever wrote this isn’t human. You can’t show her, she’ll have nightmares for the rest of her life.”
Tip filled in the blanks, “It’s been traced to a White Supremacist group in Northern Montana. They hate Jack for his stand on equality for women and minorities.”
Sandy’s eyes got teary, “Are you going after these men?” She pressed at the screen to get rid of the horror but couldn’t make the thing to turn off. The words just stayed put—handing it back to Tip like it was a hot potato, “Take this awful thing.” Sandy started crying, “The world has some evil people…”
I pulled her close to me, hugging snug to comfort her, “Don’t worry, Tip has a man on the inside, – he’s infiltrated the group. We’re working on it.”
Tip attempted a rare moment of tenderness, bending down looking directly into Sandy’s eyes, “These guys are already dead, – they, just don’t know it yet.”
“Do you need a tissue?” I asked, “To wipe your eyes?”
“No—I’ll be okay. It just makes me scared reading things like this.” I spoke softly into her hair, “No ones ever going to bother you, we have teams protecting you.”
We heard a knock on the door. Daphne stepped into the office. I caught a glimpse of her raised eyebrows – she was rolling her eyes into the back of her head. In her way, expressing displeasure…

Jack Canon’s Women of the House

18369918Title: Jack Canon’s Women of the House

Author: Greg Sandora

Genre: Political Thriller

Two months have passed since the long awaited inauguration of the New President of the United States – Jack Canon. Now he must live up to his promises. The World is wounded, people are hurting, the new President must keep the country afloat. Jack leads a very full life – The first couple’s relationship is hot with passion, but he can never admit that to Sandy, his best friend who is also head over heels in love with him. The Women of the House provide a welcome distraction while helping with the arduous task of running the country.

 As President Jack must make tough decisions: Global Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Korea on the brink of war, all while thwarting International Greed. Women of the House is a story of noble sacrifice at extremely high cost. Who’s going to be the first to be strong enough and willing to pay? It’s not all work in Women of the House – Think the Wedding of the Decade meets the Crime of the Century.

 Jack Canon’s Women of the House, is a story filled with Love, Lust, and Loyalty where passions can run wild! In Sandora’s monumental sequel, patriotism and valor mingle with an undying love that refuses to quit. Ride along as Jack Canon fights back against the most evil people on the planet. Readers are sure to embrace this unforgettable tale which will appeal to fans of political adventure, suspense and romance alike. Jack Canon’s Women of the House is a story of kindness, passion and courage that can’t be separated.

Author Bio

I’m originally from the Portland, Maine area and lived and worked there for years before moving to Southwest Florida. The sequel to Jack Canon’s American Destiny – titled Jack Canon’s Women of the House was just released. Think the Wedding of the Decade meets the Crime of the Century. It’s the Sexy, Romantic Thriller sequel to the original story.

My Dad and Mom were artists, my father painted and my mother wrote poetry and loved to garden. Most Saturdays we loaded up the 1970 Chevy Impala to trek to a one man show somewhere or other. I took a different track graduating with a business degree; owning and operating an Award Winning Franchise Fitness Center. Currently a professional manager I am living in Florida with my beautiful wife and children, and following my passion.

My next project in the works involves angels – a man on a visit to Bar Harbor Maine encounters an angel; quite accidentally, she is not to make him aware of her existence. They go on an adventure to help innocent victims before a twist of fate happens that changes their destiny. The book is called Gabby, Angel of God. It’s a Supernatural Romantic Thriller.

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