Author Interview with MaryAnn Kempher


I’m hosting an interview today with MaryAnn Kempher, author of mystery novel “Forever Doomed”.

1)      What’s the hardest part of being an author?

The self-discipline it takes to sit down and write when there’s so many other things you’d rather be doing.


2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Forever Doomed?

Former detective Jack Harney agrees to do an old Army buddy a favor. He takes over the friends job as head of security on a cruise ship. He expects the gig to be easy and even fun. Instead, a week into the cruise a passenger is murdered, then a member of the crew. The ship is turned around; Jack has a week to find the killer or the case will go to the local authorities, and likely never be solved. This book has a scratch-your-head mystery, some laughs, and some sizzle.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

Both. This is my second book and a lot of the same characters from book one are in it, but you don’t have to have read my first book to understand and enjoy Forever Doomed.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

The number of hours varies, but usually 2-4.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

I love Janet Evanovich. Her Stephanie Plum books crack me up.


6) What are you working on now?

I’m working on my third book, another murder mystery. As with the first two books, a lot of the same characters will be in book three, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

About The Book

Forever_Doomed_ebook_amazon_BrighterTitle: Forever Doomed

Author: MaryAnn Kempher

Genre: Mystery

It’s not wise to wander the cruise ship Forever alone at night. You might not live to see daylight.

Detective Jack Harney agrees to do an old Army buddy a favor. Curt Noble had some personal business to attend to, he didn’t say what. What he did say was he needed someone to temporarily take over his duties as head of security on the struggling cruise ship Forever. Jack hesitates, but he owes Curt his life so agrees. He’s told the worst mischief he can expect to encounter will be the occasional shoplifter, or drunk. Instead, one week into the cruise, a beautiful red head and a member of the crew are ruthlessly murdered. Are the two murders connected? It’s up to Jack to find out. He must find the killer before the ship returns to Tampa’s port, or worse, before another dead body is found. This won’t be easy. The ship is old, it’s security systems outdated, and clues are few, or so it seems at first

It’s not just a sense of obligation that motivates Jack to agree to Curt’s request; Jack moved thousands of miles, started over, and still can’t get Amy O’Brian out of his heart or mind. When she shows up on the ship, as part of a large wedding party, Jack must fight to stay focused. To make matters worse, Amy isn’t his only distraction; a sexy and mysterious woman has made it her mission to seduce Jack.

As the body count rises, and time slips away, Jack has to ask himself, “Did someone commit the perfect crime?”

Author Bio

Newest PictureMaryAnn Kempher loves to write mystery with a dash of romance. She spent her teen years spent living in Reno NV where her first book, Mocha, Moonlight, and Murder is set. The setting for her second book, Forever Doomed, was inspired by her love of the ocean. Her writing influences include favorite authors Agatha Christie, Jane Austen and Janet Evanovich. Her guilty pleasures include any and all sweets, including a good cup of Mocha. She is married with two children.

For more about MaryAnn Kempher, visit her author Facebook page:

or her website:

Purchase MaryAnn’s books here:

If you purchase Forever Doomed in paperback for under $11, you can get the Kindle version for just 99 cents.

3 thoughts on “Author Interview with MaryAnn Kempher

  1. Thank you so much for agreeing to host me. Your blog looks really cool, and helpful. 🙂

  2. Harliqueen says:

    Great interview 🙂

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