Author Interview with Suzette Rose Cauler


I’m interviewing Suzette Rose Cauler today, author of paranormal erotic romance “Taking Chances”. My questions are bolded, and Suzette’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

For me, the hardest part of writing is just sitting down and getting started. There’s so much to do–so many other distractions that sometimes I have to really force myself into the chair. If I sit down, and navigate away from Facebook, chances are I’ll be productive. It works for my day job, and it often works for my fiction writing. The difference is I’m not on anyone else’s schedule with my fiction writing, so I have to hold myself accountable. I am an expert at procrastination, so that can be incredibly difficult.

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Taking Chances?

Driven by a dark past and prepared to risk her life, shape-shifter Dakota Laveaux enters the Ettore compound on a life-changing mission, only to find herself shockingly unprepared. Despite her intense training, she bungles a retrieval mission and ends up with the wrong mark. Though she manages to salvage the mission, an irresistible hunger for vampire Kane Ettore threatens to derail her plans and a case of mistaken identity leads her to risk everything, including her heart. Dakota must decide what’s more important to her, revenge or love, and whether it’s possible to have both.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

It’s a series. Each book will follow the main character, Dakota Laveaux, as she confronts danger, lust, and love in a world full of paranormals who often have agendas opposite her own. Dakota is out to avenge a group of shifters, but the constant obstacles she encounters will make doing so much harder than she’d ever imagined but also more interesting.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

Well, I spend about 5 or 6 hours a day writing for my day job. I’m lucky to work from home, so sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. Then, I try to work on fiction for about two or three hours a day. Someday my fingers will fall off from all the typing.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

Hmmm…That is really difficult to answer. I can’t name just one. How about a series? Or two? My top two favorites right now are the Shifters Unbound Series and the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Now, my favorite in the romance genre overall is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It’s not erotic romance, but the love scenes are still pretty hot, and I’ve read the book about five times now.

6) What are you working on now?

I’ve recently finished the first draft of a menage novel. It’s my very first menage! Now, I’m working on revising, revising, revising (oh yeah, and more revising) before I hand it over to someone else for some feedback. So far, it’s titled The Secret-Keeper’s Choice, but that might change. Once I’ve finished with this one, I have another half-finished m/f romance to complete.

Taking Chances

src-tdls-takingchances-fullTitle: Taking Chances

Author: Suzette Cauler

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Risking her life is nothing new to shape-shifter Dakota Laveaux, but when the thief-for-hire enters the Ettore compound, she gets far more than she bargained for. Determined to keep a haunting promise, Dakota will do anything to complete her mission, but the dangerously sexy Kane Ettore, leader of the Ettore vampire clan, becomes a delicious distraction. From the moment they meet, Dakota is drawn along on a roller coaster ride of mistaken identities, missed chances, scorching passion, and undeniable bliss.

Has sleeping with the enemy ever felt so good?

Dakota is hopelessly torn between her need for revenge and the insatiable hunger Kane inspires in her. With her life hanging in the balance, Dakota must decide whether to trust the vampire she’s already betrayed or take her chances with the cunning werewolf who has promised to help her. How far will she go to win this deadly game, and will she lose her heart in the process?

Author Bio

Suzette Rose Cauler has loved books (all types really) for as long as she can remember. As a child, she’d get lost in books for hours, using a flashlight to read under the covers long past bedtime. She read her first romance novel as a preteen and was immediately hooked by the swoon-worthy heroes and daring, spunky damsels. Though her reading tastes have definitely matured, Suzette continues to enjoy romance novels, especially those of the erotic, paranormal, fantasy, or historical variety. She writes almost as voraciously as she reads and typically falls head over heels in love with her heroes.

Though everyday types of romantic situations do appeal to her, stories that include adventure, intrigue, or danger have always made Suzette’s heart go pitter patter. If they incorporate some science fiction too, she is even happier. You’ll find elements like these in most of her stories as well as strong heroines who can fight their own battles but sometimes enjoy letting someone else take the lead.
Suzette lives on the East Coast with five special people who help keep her spirit young and her imagination fresh.


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Author Interview Passion, Power and Privilege Tour


I’m interviewing Cara Addison, author of contemporary erotic romance “Passion, Power and Privilege”. My questions are bolded, Cara’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Finding balance.  It is a delicate task to balance the tasks of being an author, which include so much more than just writing.  Between writing, editing, submitting to publishers, promotion, blogging, and fan communication, it takes organization and discipline to accomplish each and every task.  For me personally, this becomes more complicated as I continue to juggle a career and family responsibilities.

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Passion, Power and Privilege? 

Kate Callahan is a strong, smart, and witty woman who has endured years in a cold and unfulfilling marriage.  In spite of that, she’s driven and ambition and decides to set aside her legal career and pursue the political arena.  After her husband’s sudden death, Kate finds herself free to pursue a relationship when she meets a successful business owner, Bradley Taylor who not only understands her capabilities, but encourages her to pursue the Mayor’s office and use her unique ideas and influence to make a positive change in the City of Lowden.

Kate and Brad aren’t without their struggles, both having dealt with hurt and loss.  Brad brings out a joy and a passion that puts the past behind them, as they focus on loving each other.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

Passion, Power, and Privilege is a stand-alone book.  While I absolutely love the characters of Kate and Brad, I feel like I’ve written their complete story.  I have a vision of what their life looks like after the book ends, but at this point, I’m not certain that I’m ready to commit it to paper.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

When I’m in full writing mode, I prefer to dedicate at least 6 hours a day at the computer.  I prefer to focus on one manuscript at a time, and write each and everyday until it’s completed in a solid draft form.  That takes about 30 days of continuous writing.  That means writing 2,000-3,000 new words each day.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t ready any other books in this genre.  When I decided to start writing down the thoughts that were in my mind, I wanted to do some reading within the genre, but didn’t want another author’s work to cloud or influence my own creativity.  Now that my first novels have been published, I’d like to dedicate some time to reading the work of my peers.

6) What are you working on now?

Since ‘Passion, Power, and Privilege’ was published in February, I’ve had another novel released in ebook format.  ‘Going the Distance’ was released in March 2014, and I’m working to promote both novels.


In the meantime, I continue to write.  I’m working on another contemporary erotic romance novel.  It’s the story of a divorced mother of two children who, after emerging from an unhappy marriage finds a friend and a lover who challenges her emotionally, intellectually, and sexually.  I hope to have this manuscript completed this spring and ready for a Fall release.

Passion, Power and Privilege

ca-passionpowerandprivilege-fullTitle: Passion, Power and Privilege
Author: Cara Addison
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

When her tumultuous marriage ends suddenly, Katharine “Kate” Callahan is forced to decide if she should return to her job as a corporate lawyer, or proceed with the campaign to become the Mayor of the City of Lowden.
Difficult decisions become a lot easier when Kate meets Brad Taylor, a handsome and successful business owner. Brad’s attraction to Kate is instant, and life finally starts falling into place as Kate realizes that the right man can bring out a passion that she had forgotten existed.

Can Kate and Brad overcome their stormy and complicated pasts to find each other, love each other, and use their power and privilege to change the city they call home?

Author Bio

I consider myself to be an accidental author. That’s right, becoming a published author happened, by chance.

For years, I’ve worked in the corporate world. Essentially, I’m a problem solver for corporations and government. So, you can imagine how much of a shift it was for me to sit down and write.

During the summer of 2013, I put pen to paper. I let my sexy imagination loose and before I knew it I’d filled a more than a few pages. The characters came to life and the story began to take shape.

I’m blessed with incredible friends who were willing to read as I wrote. They offered insight and suggestions, but most importantly they offered unconditional support and encouragement to keep writing.

And so began, the greatest chapter of my life.

My first manuscript took just over a month to write. With just over 64,000 words, I’d taken the main characters, Kate Callahan and Bradley Taylor on a journey. I had my friends read Passion, Power, and Privilege and then made several edits in response to their suggestions. In October of 2013, I sent my little baby off to a select group of publishers. And waited.

I was hooked. While I waited, I started writing another novel. An entirely new set of characters, a new setting, and a new plot began to take shape. By the end of October, I’d put the finishing touches on Going the Distance, the story of Austin Campbell and Brett Tanner.

Writing has been cathartic. Becoming published has been exhilarating.

This journey isn’t over. I continue to write, as time permits. A third manuscript is in the works.

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Cover Reveal Party Summoned


Today is the cover reveal party for “Summoned” by Rainy Kaye. Without further ado, here is the stunning cover!



Twenty-three year old Dimitri has to do what he is told—literally. Controlled by a paranormal bond, he is forced to use his wits to fulfill unlimited deadly wishes made by multimillionaire Karl Walker.

Dimitri has no idea how his family line became trapped in the genie bond. He just knows resisting has never ended well. When he meets Syd—assertive, sexy, intelligent Syd—he becomes determined to make her his own. Except Karl has ensured Dimitri can’t tell anyone about the bond, and Syd isn’t the type to tolerate secrets.

Then Karl starts sending him away on back-to-back wishes. Unable to balance love and lies, Dimitri sets out to uncover Karl’s ultimate plan and put it to an end. But doing so forces him to confront the one wish he never saw coming—the wish that will destroy him.

Summoned is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.

Find out more at

Cover Design: Kris Wagner
Model: Adam Jakubowski
Photographer: Marcin Rychły

Author Bio

Rainy Kaye is an aspiring overlord. In the mean time, she blogs at and writes paranormal novels from her lair somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona. When not plotting world domination, she enjoys getting lost around the globe, studying music so she can sing along with symphonic metal bands, and becoming distracted by Twitter (@rainyofthedark). She is represented by Rossano Trentin of TZLA.

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Author Interview with Joe Corso


I’m interviewing Joe Corso today, author of crime novel “The Starlight Club”. My questions are bolded, the author’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

The hardest part for me isn’t rejection, it’s the endless editing I have to do on my book.

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of The Starlight Club?

“They looked like mob guys. They had that arrogance exuded by those who liked to intimidate – those who were the proud purveyors of fear.” Amidst the nightly gaiety was the back room, where business deals were made, hits were ordered, and territories were divided.

Trenchie not being a “rat” is just released from his ten year prison sentence. A new life is waiting – complete with envelopes of money and a steak house to call his own. He finds the woman of his dreams who brings along ex-husband baggage. Hit man Jimmy The Hat finds unexpected fame in the most unlikely of places, yet he always stays true to the “boys”, especially Big Red. “Crazy Joey Gallo” and his brothers break away from the Profaci family and go “rogue, on their own now. They split their gang into several small groups and spread them out over the five boroughs.”

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

It’s part of a series but it’s also a stand alone book. I’ve completed five Starlight Club books, but the fifth one hasn’t been edited yet.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

I’ll write most of the day and sometimes into the night or until my back starts hurting me.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

my favorite book has always been “The Godfather.”

6) What are you working on now?

Lafitte’s Treasure

The Starlight Club

Cover to useTitle: The Starlight Club
Author: Joe Corso
Genre: Crime

The Starlight Club was jumping . . .

“They looked like mob guys. They had that arrogance exuded by those who liked to intimidate – those who were the proud purveyors of fear.” Amidst the nightly gaiety was the back room, where business deals were made, hits were ordered, and territories were divided. An image of the author is also attached.

Trenchie not being a “rat” is just released from his ten year prison sentence. A new life is waiting – complete with envelopes of money and a steak house to call his own. He finds the woman of his dreams who brings along ex-husband baggage. Hit man Jimmy The Hat finds unexpected fame in the most unlikely of places, yet he always stays true to the “boys”, especially Big Red. “Crazy Joey Gallo” and his brothers break away from the Profaci family and go “rogue, on their own now. They split their gang into several small groups and spread them out over the five boroughs.”

The Starlight club can be purchased on amazon

Author Bio

Joe CorsoMove to Florida, see the world, and…. Write 15 novels!? It may have started out as the typical retirement, but author Joe Corso decided to take a more adventurous route. After a successful, yet tearful, career as a fireman, Corso began writing as a way to fund the Ivy League educations of his grandchildren. He published his first book at 75, and since has written 14 novels and 9 short stories.

One of his most popular novels, The Starlight Club, won the 2012 eLit True Crime category, and an honorable mention in the 2013 reader’s favorite book contest. FIRE: Box 598, a collection of short nonfiction stories of fires and occurrences surrounding them when he worked with the FDNY, won the 2013 Reader’s Favorite contest in the Historical non-fiction category. With cross-genre skills, Corso has written Westerns, Gritty Crime Dramas and even fantasy. He has received a tremendous reception from his work “Fire Stories” by many Fire Departments. Rising from the ashes, retired New York Firefighter Joe Corso finds himself lost in his writing hoping never to find his way back.


Book Excerpt from Summer’s Shadow


I’m sharing an excerpt today from YA novel “Summer’s Shadow”. Enjoy!

Book Excerpt

Sierra stood on the water’s surface, but wasn’t sinking. It felt like standing on a soaked sponge used to wash dishes. Looking at her body a brilliant white light shone from every part of it, illuminated the cavern and even the depths of the water.

About The Book

BOOK COVER - Summer's ShadowTitle: Summer’s Shadow

Author: Craig MacLachlan

Genre: YA Fiction

When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her physical body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy named Valeck saves her life.

Sierra soon discovers she has stumbled upon a mysterious realm known as The Void, which is filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. But upon returning to The Void, she is met by a sinister man known as Maven Kodiak who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot. Maven wants the power of her silver cord all for himself so he can enter the physical world and conquer it.

On the run from Maven, Sierra struggles to understand her abilities and powers which yield some surprising results. As she and Valeck fall in love, Sierra discovers he is keeping a vital secret from her.

Can Sierra be happy sharing her life between both realms, or will she be forced to choose one over the other forever?

Author Bio

AUTHOR PHOTO 1 - Craig MacLachlanCraig MacLachlan lives in Post Falls, Idaho, USA and is married to Christina. Craig’s passion in life is to tell stories. He started writing at a young age and reads books every chance he gets. His first completed Young Adult novel, SUMMER’S SHADOW, Book One of ‘Sierra Winters and The Void‘, a planned trilogy, is out now and available from online booksellers and high street bookstores by order worldwide. Craig is also working on a Young Adult horror novel and has two short films, “Roger” and “Marbles: A Love Story” he co-wrote with the director. Craig won third place in a one act screenwriting competition sponsored by the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Creative Writing Competition for 2011-12. Craig is also a story contributor for Young Adult Magazine as well as an article contributor for Zen Life. Craig enjoys, among others, reading, treasure hunting and exploring – and can also name all fifty states in alphabetical order!

SUMMER’S SHADOW is Craig MacLachlan’s first published work.



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Author Interview with Florence Witkop


I’m interviewing Florence Witkop, author of urban fantasy novel “Wolf Legend”. Questions are bolded, and Florence’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?
Actually writing. It’s easy when I’m home alone and was also easy when the only other people home were the kids. It’s a lot more difficult when other adults are around. It’s harder to push another adult out of my space!
2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Wolf Legend? 
   Jane, living at her family farm in northern Minnesota, guides Buck, a wolf researcher, to an island to check out the local legend of huge wolves there. She knows it’s ridiculous but the money entices her. Once there, however, a  monstrous wolf charges through their camp… and Jane’s mind connects with the mind of the wolf. They are both blown away by the mental connection and Jane follows the wolf to find out how such a thing can happen and Buck follows her… straight through a cave and into another universe where the huge dire-wolves of prehistoric times live. Jane’s mental connection with the alpha she-wolf is all that keeps them alive in that dangerous world and the alpha wolf asks Jane to bring an injured pup back home to be healed. She does and then she and Buck must deal with the consequences of having a huge, dangerous but lovable psychic wolf pup in today’s world.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?
  Both. This is the second of the Legends trilogy, but each book stands alone. Each is about a legend that turns out to be true, but that’s the only connection. Different characters, different setting, different everything except that they all deal with legends.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?
   It varies. When I’m working, I spend at least a half dozen hours a day. But marketing takes a lot of time so when I’m dealing with that, I write less.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?
Wolf and Iron, a science fiction novel in which the world falls apart and all that saves a bookish type guy trying to make it across the country to the safety of his uncle’s ranch is a lone wolf that adopts him.

6) What are you working on now?
   The third and last of the Legends trilogy. Earth Legend is about the legend of Ceres, the goddess of the harvest and fertility. One of her descendants stows away on a colonizing space ship because she knows that her ability to keep the plants alive in that alien environment will be essential to keep the colonists alive. She’s caught, of course, and thrown in jail and might be thrown out the airlock unless she can convince those in charge that she’s who and what she says.

Wolf Legend

wolflegendTitle: Wolf Legend

Author: Florence Witkop

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Jane, who dislikes wolves because they kill livestock, takes Buck Portman, wolf researcher and wildlife professor at the nearby college to an island for a week to seek out the huge wolves legend says have been seen in the area. She’s skeptical until a huge wolf runs through their camp… and mentally connects with Jane. Both woman and wolf are startled by their mental connection. The wolf invites Jane to follow so they can sort out what’s between them. Jane takes off after the wolf in the dark, followed by the confused professor. She follows the wolf through a cave and into another world, one populated by larger-than-life, dangerous animals, including the wolves of the legend. Her mental connection to the alpha she-wolf is all that saves their lives in that dangerous place. Days later, when they return to their world, at the request of the alpha wolf they take her wolf pup with a broken leg so it can be healed. Problem is that wild wolves are not allowed as pets in our world so the professor must technically care for the wolf with Jane’s help. But he has reservations. The huge dire wolf pup is in the wrong world. As it grows, will it remain a pet or become a dangerous predator? As the attraction between Jane and the professor grows, so do the problems inherent in having a huge prehistoric wolf in today’s world.

Author Bio

authorFlorence’s stories begin as simple tales of contemporary life, often in small towns or the wilderness she knows so well. Where they go from there is what makes them special. There is always a strong sense of place. Sometimes they cross genres and contain paranormal, sci/fi, or fantasy elements. There is usually a romance and there are always characters her readers like and would enjoy having as friends.

Most of all, there is a story because what Florence does best is tell stories. Well plotted stories that carry the characters towards a logical conclusion that always includes a happy ending.  Stories that shine light on the human condition while they celebrate the world we live in.  Stories that her readers relate to and remember long after the reading is over.

She writes about people who are as normal as apple pie (most of them, anyway) who unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of situations ranging from the heartwarming through the difficult and all the way to the horrendous. But Florence’s characters choose to act instead of running away. In the process, they survive, thrive, overcome whatever obstacles large or small are thrown in front of them, and while they are at it, they find time to fall in love.

Florence was born in the city and has lived in the suburbs, small towns, the country and the wilderness area of northern Minnesota, where she still lives with her husband and a cowardly cat named Smoke.

At various times in her writing career she’s been a confession writer, a copywriter, a ghost writer and an editor. She writes short stories, novellas and novels.  Her work has been categorized as romance, science-fiction, fantasy, mainstream and eco-fiction, to name a few genres that it fits so beautifully into.



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Author Interview with Jennifer Ott


I’m interviewing Jennifer Ott today, author of fantasy satire “Serendipidus”. My questions are bolded, Jennifer’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

 Not writing. Writing is so much a part of me that when I’m in between book I feel a bit lost.

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Serendipidus?
The world has stopped rotating and the only person who seems to notice is bleeding-heart supermodel Venetia DeMille. She and a “quack” scientist travel the world to find like-minded souls to help save the planet.
3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?
Stand alone, but I can see some spin off short stories.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?
Two-three hours depending on my current project.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?
I’m not sure. There are not a lot of fantasy satire books. I would probably equate this book to a Terry Gilliam film.

6) What are you working on now?
Currently I am working on writing song lyrics to accompany an upcoming book. We are creating an actual sound track for a book.  I am also writing a post WWII crime drama.


Serendipidus2Title: Serendipidus

Author: Jennifer Ott

Genre: Fantasy Satire

 “Maybe it’s time to set aside intellectualism and experience the wonders of thngs that can’t be explained.”

The Earth has stopped rotating and no one seems to notice or care, except for bleeding-heart supermodel Venetia DeMille. While Mother Earth begins to fade into a silent death, Venetia clings to hope. She solicits the help of a scientist to help, but no avail.

Not to be hindered in her quest to save the Earth, Venetia sets out on a journey around the world to find like-minded people and caring souls – an exuberant youth, a magical healer and a man of God. Although together they are able to rekindle faith, their effort still does not provide results. It is a mysterious meeting of four horsemen that carry them to the east where they experience a connection to the earth and each other.

Could the forces that gather with their united efforts prove to be the remedy to save the planet?

Author Bio

Bio PicsmInspiration comes from watching way too much Monty Python. The abstract and the absurd way of looking at normal life, not only offers humor, but questions many problems in society in a light-hearted manner. If we can laugh at ourselves, if we can laugh at life, problems do not seem quite so difficult to tackle.  In fact, problems are not as complicated as they seem; everything is very simple. If you can laugh at it, write about it and read about it, most likely one would think about it.

Author Jennifer Ott has written several satire fiction, Wild Horses, The Tourist and two non-fiction books Love and Handicapping and Ooh Baby Compound Me! Her latest book about the homecoming of a Vietnam Veteran, Edge of Civilization will be released soon.

Jennifer Ott lives in Long Beach, California, enjoys the sun, the sand, the surf and lots of Mexican food.