Book Review: King of Cups

Chess/ Wooden chessboard with black and white checkersTitle: King of Cups

Author: Alex Flyn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Shy and young, Sarah dreams of working in a fashion magazine, but due to circumstances ends up doing what she never thought she would be doing. Not only she needs to find her way back, she also finds herself in the middle of the British football love drama, with a crazy champion title chase on top. And the Romeo and Juliet of the football world aren’t going to make her life any easier.

King of Cups: Love. Football. Love for football.

Sarah is desperate for a job. She lives with her aunt and uncle – a short term arrangement – and solliciting for jobs hasn’t been easy so far. But her aunt and uncle threaten to kick hero ut if she doesn’t find a job soon. The job position at Musique, a music magazine in the same building as Bloque, her dream job, sounds like the only way she can save her future. But when the interview fails, and she gets offered another job she never expected nor never thought she’d do, things turn intriguing very soon. She’s to write a column on WAGs, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and children of popular football players. It’s not her dream job, but it’s better than getting sent back home.

Thrown into the middle of British football love drama, Sarah struggles to keep her head above water in this brand new world filled with opportunities, and possibly even romance.

This is a short novella, the first half of a book, and it ended on an interesting note, so I’d definitely read the second half when it’s released. Sarah needs to grow as a character, but she starts of from a position where it’s easy to grow, and become more mature in her decisions, so I’m hoping that’ll happen in the second book as well.

There are colorful characters, the plot is fresh, and the writing was okay.


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