Author Interview with Virginia Vayna


I’m interviewing Virginia Vayne, author of paranormal fiction “The Hunters and the Queen”. My questions are bolded, the author’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Right now, marketing is difficult. It takes a lot of time, resources, and networking. Getting reviews, feedback, and exposure can consume a lot of hours, but I also learn new things and meet  great people in the process.

 2) Can you give us a short synopsis of your book?

Jolán Vajnbirg is an often reserved, yet occasionally outspoken young woman living in Kinsburg, England. She has a simple life living in her quiet England town. She has a full-ride swimming scholarship to the Churchill Military Academy, she has a strong mind, she has an athletic body, and she has a loving family and caring friends.

 As Jolán embarks upon her final year at the Churchill Academy, her life takes an unexpected turn. She has a quaint encounter with Colemund, the Prince of Gallia Belgica, a kingdom in the Netherlands, and the two are literally a universal match created centuries ago. As Jolán begins the last year of her postsecondary studies, many changes occur. Jolán’s appearance changes, her senses become more acute, she finds a hidden relic, and she has several dreams which hint at her past and her future.

 The sky world is steadily preparing Jolán for her future fate. Jolán will need her friends to help her battle the order of the hunters. The hunters have upset the universal balance of earth, and the hunters have upset the sky world.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

This is the first book in the Element Series.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

My writing is streaky. When I am really involved in a project, then I try to write 1,000+ words a day. Like many writers, my mind is busy with storylines and plot direction even when I am not actually typing words.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

There are so many wonderful young adult authors and books. Currently, I am reading non-fiction. My thoughts are busy with facts, dates, and timelines.

6) What are you working on now?

I am writing the third book in the series, Emergence. The story explores the dark history of Queen Madrit, and her relationship with the hunters.

The Hunters and the Queen

The Hunters and the Queen_blueTitle: The Hunters and the Queen

Author: Virginia Vayna

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Historical Fiction

How do families become members of the aristocracy? Does the universe choose them? Have you ever wondered what happened to Constantinople? The Hunters and the Queen is a work of fiction in the young adult, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance genres. The story blends elements of romance, darkness, history, fantasy, aristocracy, and reincarnation.


Author Bio

AUTHOR PICVirginia Vayna was born in Dayton, Ohio. During 1999, she moved to Long Beach, California, where she lived on a sailboat for three-years. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and she is completing a Master of Social Science. She has worked as a policy researcher, a legal writer, and she currently works as a freelance copywriter. Virginia enjoys writing historical fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery, and YA.




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