Book Excerpt from Made in Bionia


Today it’s time for an excerpt, from techno-thriller “Made in Bionia”. Enjoy the excerpt.

Book Excerpt

Excerpt 4 Finch’s Insomnia

Finch found himself in a strangely suspended state. He still hadn’t asked Andrei why he’d rescued from the old plant. There was a faint hope, which Finch hated to admit to himself, that the reason might have been romantic. It would be too painful to be proved wrong.

Since his recovery, the days had flown like bullets. Tetsuo and Audothia almost never left Finch and Andrei on their own apart from those rare tête-à-tête moments in the home lab where they were too busy to hold intimate conversations. Andrei coordinated the work of his multiple labs online and he also did his own experiments, while Finch and Tetsuo helped out as assistants.

Andrei was an enigma. He was similar to William: both had those wide, penetrating eyes and a quiet, confident demeanour. Enigmas. Finch wasn’t sure if he could believe everything Andrei told him.

Audothia’s behaviour was equally bizarre. Learned from her father? For example, that question of hers at dinner the other day about bisexuality, for some reason directed at Welka, who just showed a lopsided smile, probably having recalled that Netochka discussion at the library.

Audothia asked, ‘Can someone fall in love with a boy and a girl at the same time if there is only place for one true love in the heart?’ Welka just joked that everything is possible. Finch didn’t want to ask further questions, but it was intriguing that Andrei hadn’t said anything.

It was the middle of the night, yet Finch didn’t feel like sleeping. Insomnia had tortured him ever since the day of the epic chase. He lay in bed with his eyes open, alert to a slightest noise in the darkness, as if expecting something, or someone. And now, since Welka’s arrival, Andrei and she were inseparable like best old friends. When they discussed William’s matter, Finch participated in brainstorming, yet most of the time they talked about nano-biotechnology and Finch regretted that his professional niche was different.

Andrei was an even earlier bird than Welka, so Finch heroically tried to wake up before sunrise, even after very little sleep, and go straight to the lab where he knew he would find Andrei at work, alone.

Finch would be welcomed with ‘Good morning, Mitya!’, and the wide, infectious white-toothed smile, and the handsome face with no hint of awkwardness written on it, the contrary of what Finch felt when they were left alone. But that smile would last two seconds, because Andrei’s concentration on his experiments couldn’t support a longer break. Finch decided not to bother him with morning conversations; he just enjoyed the serenity in his heart while observing Andrei at work.

It was three o’clock when Finch finally gave up to the charms of Hypnosis, yet he opened his eyes again at six a.m. and thought, maybe today.


Made in Bionia

MADE IN BIONIA BOOK COVER MOCK UP web 2Title: Made in Bionia

Author: Grigory Ryzhakov

Genre: Science Fiction, Satirical Techno-Thriller

Official release date: 14.04.2014

Length in print: 252 pages

Published by Flower Book

Kindle regular price : $3.99; Paperback – $11.99

Book Blurb:
Why does Rasa A, the world’s most secret society, want William Carrot dead? And who is William Carrot? He has to figure this out before it’s too late.
In a world very much like ours, the Third Great War is over and the ocean is dying. Scientists in the country of Bionia invent a new technology to stop an ecological catastrophe. Can William get it before it is seized and destroyed by terrorists? With love, betrayal and marine virology standing in his way, it will be hard to call, especially when his own life is at stake.
A novel in the best traditions of science fiction, Made In Bionia has it all: love, mystery, cutting edge science and alternate history.
Your journey begins in Bionia.

Author Bio

GrigoryRyzhakov-authorpicGrigory (a.k.a Grisha) Ryzhakov grew up in the Siberian Far East, bathing in the icy waters of Seas of Okhotsk and Japan and playing hide-and-seek in the snowdrifts that carpeted his native Sakhalin Island. He later travelled thousands of miles to vibrant London, on the way collecting his MSc degree in biochemistry at Moscow State and PhD in molecular biology at Cambridge University. Meanwhile, Grigory has been ceaselessly creating poems, songs and prose until eventually he wrote his debut novel “Mr Right & Mr Wrong”. “Usher Syndrome” was his first published story, also adapted for the stage and performed at London’s Barons Court Theatre in 2010.


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