Author Interview with Donna Hatch-Moore


I’m hosting an interview with Donna Hatch-Moore, author of romance novel “Star Magic”. My questions are bolded, Donna’s responses are in regular font.

1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

I find the hardest part of writing is people think because I work from home I am available to run their errands for them or pick up their packages because I “don’t have a job”. I do have a job – one I love.

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of Star Magic?

Star Magic is set in Siberia during the winter. The clan is awaiting the birth of Falynn and Hunter’s child while preparing for the battle they know is coming.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

This is part of a series.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

I write 6 to 8 hours a day.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn

6) What are you working on now?

I am working on book four of the Magic Series.


Star Magic

Star MagicTitle: Star Magic

Author: Donna Hatch-Moore

Genre: Romance

In the third installment of the Magic Series we find our heroes in Siberia awaiting the birth of Falynn’s child trying to live life normally under the constant threat of the Zealot.

In the growing tension Seth finds himself inexplicably drawn to Serena. How can he be sure his feelings are his own or manufactured by Serena

In Siberia waiting for the birth of Falynn’s child everyone is on edge wondering when the Zealot will strike. They are back where it all started 500 years before.  Seth is attracted to Serena. She is magical, mysterious, and beautiful. How can he know if his feelings are truly his or just her magic?

Author Bio

          My Author PhotoAfter we lost our home to a fire we were forced to live in our car. while my husband worked I stayed in the car with our pets. I read a lot of books and then started to write my own book. I wrote it long hand then would type the pages on an old manual typewriter I found. I wrote every day while my husband looked for work. The result was my first book, Twice In A Lifetime.

          Today we are still homeless but now live in an old motorhome. My husband has found full-time work and I still write every day although now I write on a laptop my husband surprised me with for Valentine’s Day.




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