Author Interview The Camellia Resistance


I’m hosting an interview for dystopian novel “The Camellia Resistance”. Enjoy the interview! My questions are bolded, author’s responses are in regular font.

 1) What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Writing is like trying to construct a fully functional life-sized castle out of matchsticks. There is no one to tell you how to solve the inevitable problems, no one to keep you on task. You are entirely in charge, entirely responsible. Of course this is also the best part about writing. You get to build a life-sized castle word by word. What could be more fun?

2) Can you give us a short synopsis of The Camellia Resistance?

It is 2044 and Willow Carlyle is the youngest cultural epidemiology research director in the history of the Ministry of Health. She is on the fast-track for further promotion until a night of passion shatters her carefully constructed life.

Marked and unemployed, Willow stumbles into the shadows of the Republic where an underground resistance thrives. She is surrounded by people who oppose the Ministry and everything she used to believe in. In the process of discerning friend from foe, Willow begins to unravel secrets that will shake the New Republic of America to its foundation.

3) Is this part of a series, or stand-alone?

The Camellia Resistance is the first in a trilogy… One down, two mostly written, and three to go.

4) How many hours per day do you spend writing?

I’m an irregular writer – some days I spend all day, other days, no time at all. I wish I had more of a schedule, but that’s never really worked for me.

5) What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

I’m such a fan of the fantasy genre as a whole, but Peter S. Beagle always tops my list. I’ve been re-reading The Line Between, one of his short story collections.

 6) What are you working on now?

The second book in the Camellia trilogy is front and center right now.

The Camellia Resistance

bookcoverTitle: The Camellia Resistance

Author: A.R. Williams

Genre: Dystopian, Urban Fantasy

The Camellias is a trilogy set in the New Republic of America. It all starts with Willow Carlyle, a committed employee of the Ministry of Health.When she gives into temptation in the fall of 2044, she is completely unprepared for the consequences. Unemployed and isolated, Willow struggles to make sense of her sudden downfall. An encounter with a member of the Camellias, a resistance group living outside the bounds of Ministry-approved regulation, immerses her in a world she didn’t know existed.As Willow learns more about her personal history, she uncovers a secret that rocks the Ministry of Health to its core.

Author Bio

ALR20121121_036bA.R. Williams is obsessed with language and myth, not just playing with words and making up stories, but with the real-world impact that the words we use have on the way we live our lives.  Words are the only things that never get boring, an endless puzzle with no right answer, and an infinite variety of ways to get wrong.  Writing is the only thing she has wanted to do consistently: other hobbies, such as sewing and photography, become alternate means to feed the writing habit. Ms. Williams feeds her obsession with curiosity: people, philosophy, technology, psychology, and culture.  Living in Washington D.C. is a good source of inspiration.  From the sublime heights of arts and achievement available for free at the Smithsonian to the bureaucratic banality of Beltway politics and scandals, it is a great city for fantasy, possibility, power, and consequence—ideal fodder for the fictional life.
As a teenager, Ms. Williams drove her parents crazy with her taste for adventure.  Her father questioned her taste in crushes once and she told him “don’t worry, it will just give me something to write about later.”  That approach eventually led to a cross-cultural marriage that failed spectacularly – not on the promise of love but on the reality of trying to negotiate contradictory assumptions about everything.  The subsequent divorce, combined with her emergence from a conservative Christian subculture, eventually evolved into the first book in the Camellia Trilogy. Ms. Williams lives in-between an ordinary external life filled with time cards, meetings, and deadlines; and an extraordinary imaginary world where anything is possible, and everything is fueled by music.  Language is our only means to bridge the distance between ourselves and others.  Imagination, the co-creation that happens between a writer and reader, is alchemy.  It is an aspiration that never gets old.
From an eclectic mix of upbringing, genetics, experience, and the best possible luck in friends and family, Ms. Williams writes with the hope of doing for others what her favorite authors did for her: provide company through difficult days and create a sense of wonder and possibility when everything seems limited by circumstances.


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