Author Interview Rocket Ship Tour


I’m hosting an interview with C.O.B., author of YA fantasy “Rocket Ship”. Enjoy the interview.

1. What is the hardest part about being an author?

For me, the hardest part about being an author is doing the actual writing. Any story that I write must first write itself in my mind, if not, it does not get done on paper. For example, I have set aside 3 days before to do nothing but writing, and what ends up happening is, after 72 hours, I only have an hour’s worth of text down because the story just wasn’t ready and I can’t force myself to write text for sake of just writing.

2. Can you give us a short synopsis of Rocket Ship?

Rocket Ship essentially tells the story of two best friends who grow tired of the cruel world they live in and decide to do something about it. In making this decision, the two friends realize they are not alone in their wish to leave their hardships (the world) behind, and now must deal with their two-man escape becoming a recuse mission for others.

 3. Is this a part of a series, or a stand alone?

Rocket Ship is a stand alone book, but…it does have the foundation for a sequel.

4. How many hours per day do you spend writing?

I spend anywhere from one to five hours a day writing.

5. What is your favorite book in the same genre as yours?

I actually do not have a favorite book in the same genre as mine. I guess, because if not for my daughter, I probably would not have written a young adult book.

6. What are you working on now?

I am currently working on my second installment of “Words and Graphics” – a collection of poems, short stories, and other styles of writing, with the addition of images – it all makes for a unique adventure for the reader. This second installment will be available later this summer.

About Rocket Ship

RS_FrontCover_8_5_v3_AZTitle: Rocket Ship

Author: C.O.B.

Genre: YA Fantasy

Lincoln and Gary are best friends planning a simple trip to the night rock in the sky. However, they quickly find out that “easier said than done” is far more than just an outdated adage; it is a reality, for the dreamers face obstacle after obstacle in trying to gather the materials they need to build their ship. Not only that, but when their plan is discovered, their two-man field trip becomes much more than that. Now, the captain and the general will have to lead a rescue mission, one of far greater importance than they ever imagined. What would you do? Save only yourself or risk it all to save the lives of others as well as your own?

Rocket Ship is the miraculous, thrilling story of two friends, a tale of two hopefuls, two dreamers, two rescuers and the extremes they go through to save one another and others like them, before the world they live in destroys them all.

Author Bio

Rocket Ship is C.O.B.’s first young adult novel, but his third book overall. His first book, Hope(less), was a literary fiction about the journey a young couple endures for love. C.O.B.’s second book was a collection of works that included poems, short stories, and even a heartwarming tale told via screenplay.




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