Author Interview Hard Love: The Pleasure and the Pain Tour


I’m interviewing William J. Warren today, author of poetry collection “Hard Love: The Pleasure and the Pain”. My questions are bolded, author’s answers are in regular font.

Q: What’s the hardest part of being  an author?
A: One of hardest parts of being an author to me is the lack of respect people have for authors vs rappers, actors and etc.
Q: Can you give a short synopsis of your book? What inspired you to write this?
A: A synopsis of my Hard Love: Give your all in every relationship, appreciate and know your history, gangstas don’t live that long, nothing like love, politics & corruption, The Great Mother.
Q: How many hours per day do you spend writing?
A: Not every day is a writing day for me. Some day I explore grammar, thumbing words, or search Thesaurus and or dictionary. When I do pick a pen throughout the week it’s for about 30 minutes or so as I don’t believe in forcing brilliance.
Q: Name your top 5 favorite books?
A: My top 5 favorite books in any order are: Roots by Alex Haley, Make Me Wanna Holla by Nathan McCall, Can You Hear Me Now by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, The Rose That Grew From Concrete by Tupac Shakur and Message To The Blackman  by Elijah Muhammad.
Q: What are you working now?
A: Currently, I’m working on my next two books and app.

About The Book

14406471Title: Hard Love: The Pleasure and the Pain

Author: William J. Warren

Genre: Poetry

A poetry collection by author William J. Warren

Author Bio

William J. Warren resides in Florida and has won several awards throughout the years in honor of his creative writing.


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