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I’m sharing a guest post today by Veronica Larsen, author of Entangle, a contemporary romance novel. Enjoy the guest post.

Any other name would be as sweet

Guest post by Veronica Larsen, author of Entangle

As a new indie author, I spend countless hours on the Internet researching every aspect of the publishing industry my mental bandwidth allows. Early on in the process, I was overwhelmed and nearly completely discouraged by the sheer mass of information I needed to consume and understand.

Indie authors wear many hats. There’s the creative side to the process and the practical/business aspect to it. There’s the creative challenge of telling a story to the best of your ability. And the responsibility of constructing and executing a marketing strategy for your novel’s release. Often operating just from a gut instinct as there is conflicting accounts on the internet. There’s no definitive “step by step guide” on successful self publishing. Each indie author has to carve their own way and pick through the bottomless pit of information that is the internet to find what works for them. Although I was intimidated, I was also empowered by the possibility of having full creative control over my work and my brand.

Romance isn’t the only genre I write in. It’s not even the original genre I began writing in. All of my life I’ve written fantasy. My first completed manuscript is a YA fantasy, which I originally intended to be my first published work (it’s not ready for the world just yet). Along with this manuscript, I have a handful of pending YA novels in the pipeline, ideas that are fleshed out in outlines and ready for my undivided attention. But right now, my attention is divided. My attention is on the romance novels I am preparing to publish in the coming months: Entangle in December and Entice in the first half of next year.

When I finished the first draft of Entangle, I knew I was going to publish under a pen name. Because categorizing author’s by the genre they write in is something that, I think, we all subconsciously do. YA fantasy and Romance (particularly Romance with an erotic streak) are starkly differing genres, each with their own defined audience. That isn’t to say there’s no overlap in readership (there is), but the genres are targeted to different age groups. This is where my decision to publish under a pen name came into play. Certainly, I wouldn’t want any impressionable young readers to accidentally come across my romance novels in search for my YA works. The content or my romance works is explicit and not meant for readers under 18. I made the decision early on to keep these works separate, to publish romance under a pen name. And thus, Veronica Larsen was born.

I know some authors have successfully crossed genre lines and write everything under one name. I think this is great when it works. But I also think there is something powerful about a consistent brand. For me, as a reader, being able to know what to expect is a relief, considering the mountains of books published every year.

When I want to read a twisty, fast paced thriller, I go straight to Ted Dekker. If I’m in the mood for historical fiction (which I often am) I like to reach for Phillipa Gregory or Virginia Woolf. And so on. It’s nice, for me, to know what to expect from my favorite authors.

Having a pen name does take a little getting used to. Getting to the point of publishing my first novel is a huge personal achievement. Seeing a name other than my own on the book I wrote is a bit…anti-climatic.

But then I remember this isn’t about my name, or even about me. What’s important is getting the story out to the world, because it begs to be known.

Don’t all stories beg to be known? I think so.

About The Book

Cover_ebook_EntangleTitle: Entangle

Author: Veronica Larsen

Genre:  Romance (Adult, Contemporary)

Happily ever after? It doesn’t exist.

I wore the big white dress and rode off with Prince Charming. Then Charming changed his mind.

These days, I don’t put my heart in anyone’s hands because I don’t even know where I’ve left it.

So when a ruggedly handsome, blue-eyed man stirs my desires awake for the first time in years, I tell myself it’s a one-time thing.

And now? I’m hooked. Nothing could prepare me for Leo. He weaves simple, deliberate movements into pure, gilded pleasure. Like a sensual alchemist.

I’m so blinded by lust I barely notice the gaping hole opening underneath me, the one that’s sure to swallow me down. Because every time I’ve dared to get close to someone, they’ve cracked me wide open.

Why should this time be any different?


Twitter: @Author_VLarsen
Facebook: Veronica Larsen
Wattpad: VMLarsen


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