Book Excerpt: Cursed Heroes: The Beginnings


Book Excerpt

He looked at me his eyes turned sliver. “Let’s begin, full integration of all active Nannies begin, program alpha 777 start.” My body jerked as every muscle in my body tighten; pain filled my body like never before as if every part of my body was being ripped apart. Blood run from my eyes and ears as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Just a little more and it will be all over, began download at lowest speed.” I screamed as my mind went blank I could feel my memories, thoughts, everything that I was fade, within minutes my childhood was gone all that remained was the past three years of pain. The pain lessened and stopped, I stopped screaming. “Is it over now?” I asked as tears of blood still ran from my eyes. He looked back at me with a smile.

“The painful part is over now; your brain has been successfully reconfigured to allow for the download process, your past has also been erased, who you were is no more, and our memories have begun to download to your mind. Over the next few years, you will become a new person, your past will be our past your life will be ours, and you will become our voice. Your body has for the most part just died but the Nannies that flow through your body have been full activated, they will keep you alive until they can fully repair your body and restore it to what is normal for a human. Try not to overdo it, they can only heal so much damage in a normal human like you.” He said with a tone of accomplishment.

About The Book

beggins-cover-kendleTitle: Cursed Heroes: Beginnings

Author: WilliamD.  Ollivierre

Genre: Science-Fiction / Fantasy

In a universe where technology and the bad guys have gotten out of control, and a place where the destruction of a planet filled with people to test a weapon is the best way to show its power. Something must keep the balance of power, so the universe doesn’t fall into chaos. But when all forms of police and law keepers fail these heroes known as the Brothers Will stand tall.

Cursed by faith or maybe something much more powerful. Theses heroes fight risking everything in order to protect the universe they live in. Asking for nothing in return not even recognition, or so it may seem. These cursed souls are cursed to wander the universe forever protecting it against their own will.

Come see where they came from in this epic telling of just a few of their stories.

Author Bio

authorpicAuthor William D. Ollivierre, was created to write science fiction. With an imagination, that takes him out of this universe, to one of the wondrous worlds, heroes, and adventures. Then with his captivating voice, he takes you by the hand taking you for a ride in these worlds, pulling you deeper and deeper with each word.

He has published four books to date, one book of poems (The will of the heart, the love within) and three Science fiction works. Two short story collection and one novel, all as part of his Cursed Heroes saga that has only just began.


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