Character Interview and Giveaway The Emperor’s New Clothes


I’m hosting a character interview and giveaway today for “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Enjoy!

1) Hey there! Nice to meet you. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Susskin Leeo, a hover-cab driver on Baldessh. On a world where everyone’s family, someone has to keep secrets safe. Who’s going where, who’s doing what. Or whom. Some worlds have priests, and confessionals. Baldessh has its hover-cab drivers.

2) How did you get involved in this story?

So our new Kovan Overlords have declared a curfew, nobody’s out partying. Slow, slow night. It’s way past midnight, and I’m just parked a block away from what used to be the hottest club in the city, before the invasion…this guy, nobleman, probably an outworlder, just drops into the car.
Wants to steal a ship from the Kovans.
Now I have a cousin that can get you damn near everything, legal or tax-free, but even she can’t arrange a spaceship, bless-her-implants.
Well this guy pulls it off–if by “steal a spaceship” you mean “steal our entire space fleet, the Royal Menagerie, the Baldasshi Parliament, and our Princess.”

3) What’s your life’s motto?

It used to be “You only live once…twice, at most…so avoid paying as much tax as possible”. But after having Royce Ree in my car–the “steal the whole damn planet” guy–it’s become “What would Royce Ree do?”

4) If you could be anywhere but here, where would you go?

Plostroon V. Royce told me it’s got the best salt-water taffy this side of the ‘verse.

5) What’s your favorite food?

A #4 at Geddys’s cantina, at the spaceport loading-docks. Best damn laxative you’re *ever* going to get without going to the medicos. People get in my cab, start complaining about complicated everything is, and I always tell ’em: The key to having a clean life is to have a clean bowel.

About the Book

RR1ATitle: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Author: Aldous Mercer

Genre: SciFi M/M Romance

Imperial Agent Royce Ree needs to pull off the biggest heist the Universe has ever seen, or it’s bye-bye cushy government job, hello cleaning toilets in a dive-bar on Baga-V.

To succeed, he will need help from the last person he’d ever ask: his ex.


Author Bio

A native of Toronto, Aldous Mercer enjoys martinis and relaxing on the beac-ha! No.

Aldous Mercer is a workaholic with a penchant for numerical mind games and caffeinated beverages. He uses his degree in Engineering to ensure that none of the spaceships in his books have cubic pressure-vessels. In real life he always annotates Engineering Drawings in Iambic Tetrameter.

Aldous can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.




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Character Interview Deltan Skies Tour


I’m hosting a character interview of Quintanelle, the main character of “Deltan Skies”! Quintanelle is an interesting character, as you’ll find out soon!

Character Interview

Me: Hello, Quintanelle.

Quintanelle: Hello, Noah.

Me: So, tell the readers a little about yourself.

Quintanelle: I’m a 32 year-old Teolian Elf. I grew up in the elven city-state of Teolos and just graduated from the Teolian Mage Academy. I’ve moved to New Delta to start a new life.

Me: Why did you move away from Teolos?

Quintanelle: Teolos is ruled by three factions: Warriors, Rangers and Mages. The Teolian Warriors are one half of the military. They are all-male and basically serve as city guards and assassins. The Teolian Rangers are the all-female other half of the military. Their main job is to protect the Forest of Illywn, which surrounds Teolos. The Teolian Mages are the most powerful faction. They’re magic practitioners who make up the non-military portion of the government. At the top of the hierarchy is the Mage Council, made up of eleven mages, plus the heads of the Warriors and Rangers. They set the policies and their subordinates do their bidding.

The Council brainwashes us to hate and fear the outside world in order to keep us loyal to the mother-state. They’d cut the city off from the rest of Terrall, but they can’t for a wide variety of reasons.  I’ve moved away from Teolos because I don’t like what they do and don’t want to spend my life being a part of it.  I would’ve moved away long before I did, but simply wasn’t able to until I graduated and became a full mage.

Me: Is there anything good about Teolos you’d like to share?

Quintanelle: I enjoyed my classes. Did you know mages have to have a rigorous study in sciences, like chemistry and physics? It’s one thing to simply harness divine energies to affect the physical world, but quite another to know how the harnessing affects the world.

Me: Could you give us an example of that?

Quintanelle: My hand can light on fire when I channel the Deity Elohim the Holy, who spins the air molecules around my hand so fast, my outer layer of skin lights on fire.

Me: That sounds painful.

Quintanelle: It isn’t. I can easily squelch the flames and my hand will be back to normal, no lasting scars or burns at all. That’s why it’s magic!

Me: You really haven’t talked about your personal life.  Tell us about your family.

Quintanelle: I don’t really want to talk about my family. I stopped talking to them once I moved.

Me: Alright, are you dating anyone?

Quintanelle: I dated a fellow student at the Academy for a decade, but the relationship fizzled out before I moved. I’m not interested in dating again for a while.

Me: Friends?

Quintanelle: I had friends in Teolos, but like my love life, those relationships fizzled out before I moved.

Me: How do you like living in New Delta?

I hate living in such tall towers. The walkways between them frighten me. It’s also unsettling living around everyone I’d been taught to hate, but I’m slowly coming around.

Me: How is the job search going?

Quintanelle: I’d rather not talk about it either.

Me: Not going too well?

Quintanelle: Something like that.

Me: Well thank you for taking the time to talk.

Quintanelle: I’m happy to do it.

 Deltan Skies

v1b_EBOOKTitle: Deltan Skies

Author: Noah Murphy

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

A young elven mage named Quintanelle Fillion flees from her totalitarian homeland to New Delta, a dense metropolis made up of hundreds of mile-high towers. She finds employment working for New Delta’s top private detective, a human named Alfonso Deegan, and his red dragon associate Mordridakon. Quintanelle’s first case thrusts her in the middle of New Delta’s own problems.

After millennia of oppression, members of the disenfranchised avian race have taken complete control of the criminal underworld, but what they want is the one thing they can’t steal. To achieve their goals, the avians’ charismatic leader enlists the help of a goblin shaman cast out from her own suffering people. Together they create a risky and daring plan that involves everyone from the city’s inept mayor and a corrupt city senator, to Quintanelle’s new boss and even her own family.

As their plan unfolds, a dark reality emerges. New Delta stands on the brink of total annihilation, and Quintanelle may be the only one who can stop it.

 Author Bio

_MG_2009Noah Murphy grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland which features prominently in his writing. After graduating from Goucher College with a double major in philosophy and religion, he began a pet sitting service. In his spare time Noah volunteers at a not for profit parrot rescue. His love of animals provides inspiration for many of the anthropomorphic characters in his books.

Part of the generation just before autism awareness began, Noah was diagnosed at age 26. For him, a later diagnoses was a hidden blessing. Being forced to be “normal” gave him the skills and knowledge to publish and run a business.  Autism also unhinges his mind, allowing him to approach situations and characters in strange new ways, and seriously enough to make them work.

An avid writer, Noah Murphy is the author of the fantasy novel Deltan Skies, and the superhero novel Ethereal Girls.  He  also enjoys sharing his opinions on life, literature and popular culture with his 29,000 followers on Twitter and on his blog.


twitter @murphyverse
Amazon book page:

Character Interview for Root Bound Book Tour


I’m hosting an interview today with a very special character: Mat, the Basement Brownie. Mat is a character from young adult fantasy “Root Bound”. If you want to find out more about “Root Bound”, you can find more info below the interview.

Hello and welcome! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Oh, yes! Thank you so much for having me. I’m very happy to be here, wherever here actually is. Where is here? Oh, never mind.  I’m sure it’s not as interesting as the Brownie Burrow. You should see it, especially in springtime.  The smell of fresh root stew wafting across the Central Market is just heavenly. Heavenly, I tell you.

I’m sorry, what was the question, again?

Um, I asked you to tell us about yourself.

Oh, yes, right.  I am Mat Rubblemaker. I am a basement brownie, obviously. What do you mean, that`s not obvious? Look at me! Brick red skin, dazzling intellect, standard issue brownie tunic. Oh, wait, you’re one of those human-monsters, aren’t you.  And not very bright, hmmm?  I thought that Emma-monster was the only one. Are ALL humans this dumb? How interesting. I’ll have to report this to the Upper Worlds Encyclopedic Knowledge Brigade.  This will throw their whole Dewy Decibel system off, I’m sure. I’m sorry, why are you frowning and waving your hands around like that? Oh, I see.  <clears throat>

As I said, I’m Mat Rubblemaker, and I’m a chief archivist and translator at Mr. Walter Widget’s Academy. Well, not a chief archivist, exactly. More like a standard archivist. A standard archive…assistant, actually. I help the chief archivist do very important work. Ok, Ok, I’m a student. But I did meet the chief archivist once. Really, I did.

Can you tell us more about Mr. Walter Widget’s Academy? What is school like for basement brownies?

Oh, it’s LOVELY! My favourite place in the universe. What’s that? No, I’ve really only ever lived in the Brownie Burrow, and the only time I left was to go fetch Emma from Over. But honestly, how much better can the universe be? Mr. Walter Widget is a genius, my teacher and mentor.  For me and the other sixty hundred other students, I mean. I want to be like Mr. Walter Widget someday. Mat Rubblemaker, Genius. Yes, I can see it now.  What’s that? Well, you don’t have to be so mean about it. Where was I? Oh, yes…the school.

The school is simply WONDERFUL. I mostly work in the Translations room when I’m not off adventuring and saving the world. I do that sometimes, you know.  It would be SOOOO much easier if we didn’t have to drag that monster Emma around with us, though I will admit she did help a bit.  In Translations, we turn stories into moving word pictures. It’s a bit difficult to explain here, but if you read ROOT BOUND, you’ll see us in glorious action.

I’m familiar with traditional brownies from Scotland and England. They live in people’s houses and sometimes do housework and small chores in the middle of the night. How are basement brownies different?

Ah, yes, the ancestors. Back in the old country, brownies quickly discovered that it was much more pleasant living inside people’s homes than shivering out on the heath. We’re naturally shy, though, so my ancestors kept hidden in the walls and only came out at night. But they were grateful for the hospitality, so they did housework as a way of showing their thanks.

We basement brownies are a bit different. We came to the big cities as they grew, and it wasn’t all that easy finding places to hide in apartments. So we burrowed down into the ground, below the buildings that had the most magic, and we created our burrows among the roots below. My personal biographer, Tanya Karen Gough, has written an longer explanation on her blog (

You were part of the group of brownies who made first contact with humans when you discovered Emma.  What was it like, interacting with people for the first time?

Oh! It was quite terrifying! First of all, we had no warning that the house would summon us when it did. The four of us – Piers, Truss, The Master Surveyor and myself – we were just minding our own business in the burrow, when suddenly SWOOOSH! Off we went, up through the gate that protects Under from the human world, through all sorts of pipes and hollow spaces in the walls until we came tumbling into Emma’s room through the vent. I’m telling you, it was horrifying! Tumbling around in the dark, all that swishing and swooshing…and then, at the end, to be confronted by that…that…MONSTER! Oh, it was dreadful! Dreadful, I tell you! By Foundation, I’d never seen anything so horrifying in my short little life! She was enormous. No, not enormous…eNOOORmous! Yes, that’s it. And pale…so pale…like a ghost or a ghoogily thing.  Great shivering timbers, the memory is making me woozy. I think I need to go lie down now. Maybe have a nice bowl of root stew. So nice to meet you, though. Please read ROOT BOUND to learn more about me and my friends!

About Root Bound

emma root bound coverTitle: Root Bound (Emma and The Elementals #1)

Author: Tanya Karen Gough

Genre: YA Fantasy

How far will you go to find your way home?

Emma and her father are always on the move, travelling from place to place as her father’s work demands. Their new home, however, is different. There’s a frightening woman who lives down the hall: she bears an uncanny resemblance to a witch. A mysterious light comes from her apartment, and a small boy seems to be trapped inside.

School in this town is no happy place either, with an odd principal and a gang of girls who make tormenting Emma their special project. And strangest of all is the fact that there seem to be brownies – basement brownies, in the air vent in her bedroom.

Haunted by visions of her mother, Emma travels through the brownie burrow to the valley of Hades to visit with the goddess Ceres, following a series of clues that lead her across the sea of memory to the centre of the world.

There, on an inhospitable rock floating in a sea of steaming lava, Emma must find a way to release her mother from the sea of memory and restore magic to both the brownie burrow and the human world above.

Author Bio

Tanya Karen Gough owned and published The Poor Yorick Shakespeare Catalogue from 1997-2007, earning a strong international customer base of world class academics and high school educators. Tanya was also a contributing editor for the Internet Shakespeare Editions at the University of Victoria (BC), audio advisor for the Sourcebooks Shakespeare textbook series, and theatre reviewer for Tanya grew up in New Hampshire and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.








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