Author Interview Winter Wolf Release


Today is the release for WINTER WOLF, a paranormal/urban fantasy by author R.J. Blain. The cover looks amazing, and the author gave me some of the most thorough interview responses ever, so I’m thrilled! My questions are bolded, author’s responses are in regular font.

What’s the hardest part of being an author?

This is such a hard question, because all of it is challenging. When writing the draft, I want to tell a good story. When I edit, I want to turn the good story (hopefully good story…) into a great one. I want to make my characters interesting, enjoyable, and touch readers. I want people to walk away with something—even if it is amusement over some of their antics.

But a lot needs to be done to accomplish that. Winter Wolf is 124,000 words long. That is, for the curious, 686 thousand characters. It’s a staggering amount of work checking over every single one of those characters for mistakes. My advance reviewer copies had seven mistakes caught after they went out. (I might have wept and kicked my feet.)

There are more buried in those words, ones I may never catch. It is painful, spending hundreds of hours over months working on a novel for there to be errors—despite the amount of time I spend ruthlessly hunting them down.

It’s true what they say about authors being too close to their work. I often do not see many errors because I know what the words are supposed to be, not what they are. That’s why I have so many editors.

But they miss things too. Ultimately, it is my responsibility to find every mistake and fix it. It’s a pretty notable burden… but one I want to carry. I want every book I write to be better than the last one. Not everyone will like my books or my style. That’s impossible. But I want those who do like it to have something they truly enjoy, free of errors. (I chase impossible dreams.)

Can you give us a short synopsis of Winter Wolf?

I get asked this question a lot, and I keep trying to find a new, interesting way to answer it—that isn’t just copy pasting from the back of the book. It’s a bit of a game with me.In the case of Winter Wolf, I can get away with this game because it’s such a diverse novel. I like twisty, knotted intrigues and action-packed thrillers. I like stories that make readers think. I like dragging readers along for the roller coaster ride. Winter Wolf isn’t as… challenging of a novel as I normally write.

Winter Wolf is the story of a woman who is forced to turn her cowardice into courage, to turn her prejudices into supporting alliances, and heal the pain of abandonment into strong familial ties, no matter what the cost to her.

It is the story of a woman who is forced to set aside everything she values, risking it all for the chance of saving the family she had abandoned years ago.

It is the story of a wizard who must use all of her powers to try to save a race on the brink of extinction due to a plague without a cure—and live despite the fact there are those who would kill her for simply existing.

What inspired you to write this book?

Where do I begin with this? There are so many factors in what made me want to write this book. I am really interest in infectious illnesses. (I know, it’s a weird, morbid thing to be interested in…)

I love turning the mundane into the magical. I enjoy thrillers. I enjoy reading about characters like Nicole, people who are forced to find their limits and boundaries for the sake of others.

Nicole was so hard for me to write because she’s so very different from me—and I’m glad. Writing her forced me to look at the world a different way, and I really came away with a lot from the experience… even when there were times I felt hopeless about whether or not I could actually write the book. I had to lean on my editors a lot for her characterization. I also had to talk to a lot of people who share traits with her, to learn and understand what type of person she really was.

I still don’t know if I did her justice.

There are so many ‘what if’ questions I pursued in this book I’m not even sure I could pick out which one was the most important and relevant.

I came away regretting that Nicole, while an important player in the Witch & Wolf world, isn’t going to be the star of the next novel. That story belongs to someone else. That’s one thing that is hard for me about the Witch & Wolf stories—most books are from a new character’s point of view, although the other characters join forces as the story progresses.

Blood Diamond features many of the major players from both Inquisitor and Winter Wolf. I’m really excited to start working on it sometime in 2015. (I’m crossing my fingers I can have it ready for publication by November of 2015.)

My traitorous fingers doubt me, though, as they’re determined to have the release date be 2105.

How many hours per day do you spend writing?

14+ hours, 5 or 6 days a week. I will take a few days off here and there to make up for the crazy schedule. Sometimes, I will take a week or two off at one time when I need a break. Writing is hard work, and once I get involved with a novel, I don’t like stopping. I like being in the flow of a book, so days off break that flow. Sometimes I end up not taking a single day off for an entire month or two, especially if I am near deadline time.

The end result is often a short temper and tears. My friends are often very gracious, especially near the time for a new release.

Which reminds me, I need to buy them all a cake. (Because I can’t bake.)

Name your top five favourite books.

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

Fool’s Assassin by Robin Hobb (I shamelessly confess to crying multiple times during this book.)

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle

This is where I stopped and had a complete and total brain malfunction. Because it amuses me, I am going to write the first thing that popped into my head.

“A book about those people who did that thing.” (The book is actually called “Resenting the Hero” and the author is… Moore. Something Moore. And I can’t remember the author’s first name. I’m so sorry. But it’s a really funny, witty, exciting book!)

I’m cheating with this, and listing two complete series. I also confess math is hard… 1, 2, 3, 5… something like that.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

The Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs

Now, as for why I love these books? The characters intrigue me—especially in the case of Fool’s Assassin. They make me laugh or cry with the characters. Most laugh, though. I’m not much of a weeper… except in the case of Fool’s Assassin.

They make me care for these characters. What else can I love more? Not much. I lovingly recommend these titles and series to fantasy lovers.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on my Requiem for the Rift King series; it is my epic fantasy series, featuring the story of Kalen, the Rift King. It is also the story of Breton, Kalen’s Guardian and adopted father. The series is the story of kingdoms at war, and a threat that can—and will—destroy them all if they can’t put their petty fighting aside. The skreed don’t care for the world of men, and in their hunger and desire to simply return home, they’ll do anything—even the genocide of an entire race.

Storm Surge, the second volume, will hopefully be released sometime in early 2015. I’m also hoping to finish The Tides of War, book three of the series, sometime in late 2015 or 2016.

There are so many novels I want to write and simply not enough time to write them all!!

About the Book

Winter Wolf Cover Art by RJ BlainTitle: Winter Wolf

Author: R.J. Blain

Genre: paranormal / supernatural suspense / thriller / murder mystery / urban fantasy

The Hunted Wizard

When Nicole dabbled in the occult, she lost it all: Her voice, her family, and her name. Now on the run from the Inquisition, she must prove to herself—and the world—that not all wizards are too dangerous to let live.

The savage murder of a bookstore employee throws Nicole into the middle of Inquisition business, like it or not. Driven by her inability to save the young man’s life, she decides to hunt the killer on her own. Using forbidden magic to investigate the past, she learns that the murderer is in fact a disease that could kill the entire werewolf race.

Forced to choose between saving lives and preserving her own, Nicole embraces the magic that sent her into exile. Without werewolves, the power of the Inquisition would dwindle, and she could live without being hunted.

Nicole’s only hope for success lies in the hands of the werewolves she hates and the Inquisition she fears, but finding someone to trust is only the beginning of her problems. There are those who want to ensure that the werewolves go extinct and that the Inquisition falls.

But, if she fails to find a cure, her family—including her twin sister—will perish…

Author Bio

RJ Blain author profile pictureRJ Blain suffers from a Moleskine journal obsession, a pen fixation, and a terrible tendency to pun without warning.

When she isn’t playing pretend, she likes to think she’s a cartographer and a sumi-e painter. In reality, she herds cats and a husband. She is currently on a quest for a new warrior fish.

In her spare time, she daydreams about being a spy. Should that fail, her contingency plan involves tying her best of enemies to spinning wheels and quoting James Bond villains until she is satisfied.

Favorite Books & Series

In no particular order:

Anne McCaffrey’s Pern
Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar & Gryphon Series
Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera & The Dresden Files
Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris
Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega, Dragon Bones, & The Mercy Thompson series
Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time



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Author Interview Kristin’s Ghost Tour


I’m hosting an interview with Wayne A.D. Kerr, author of MG paranormal adventure “Kristin’s Ghost”. My questions are bolded, the author’s responses are in regular font.

What’s the hardest part of being an author?
The hardest part of being a writer, for me, is the giving the final approval for publishing.  I could rewrite and make subtle changes forever.  However, sooner or later you have to let go of your work and move on to the next project.
Can you give us a short synopsis of Kristin‘s Ghost?
Almost every night, seventh grader – Kristin Fontaine, is being visited by a mysterious apparition at her bedside.  When Xander and Yzzie discover that their classmate is being haunted, they make it their top priority to help her.  As the investigative pair try to figure out who or what the ghost could be, Kristin becomes Xander’s first girlfriend.  Is the ghost good or evil? Is it asking for help?  Or is there some other explanation altogether?  the truth surprises everyone.
What inspired you to write this book?
I enjoyed writing the first book, in what has become a series, immensely.  I liked the characters so much that I had to keep writing about them.
How many hours per day do you spend writing?
I spend 3-4 hours everyday working on my novels.  My goal is to write 500-1000 words daily while working on the first draft of a book.  Once the rewriting and editing phase begins I don’t pay any attention to word numbers.
Name your top five favourite books.
My favorite picture book when I was small was ‘The Pony Who Couldn’t Say Neigh’, my next favorite book was ‘My Friend Flicka’, after that I read so much and enjoyed so many great books that I can’t really name favorites.  My favorite authors as an adult include: Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, Vince Flynn, Thomas Perry, Robert Ludlum and many more.
What are you working on now?
I just completed the third X + Y Files book – ‘Escape From Area 51’ and am currently working on an action/mystery for adults.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better.  Keep reading my friends.

About The Book

Kristins-ghost-1600x2400Title: Kristin’s Ghost (The X+Y Files #2)

Author: Wayne A.D. Kerr

Genre: MG Paranormal Adventure

Night after night a strange apparition appears at Kristin’s bedside. Is it dangerous? Is the dancing spirit trying to send her a message?

When Xander and Yzzie discover that their friend is being haunted, the seventh graders make it their number one priority to solve the mystery of Kristin’s Ghost.

The truth will surprise them all!.


Author Bio

Wayne A D Kerr was born and raised in Canada, but has lived in the United States for the past twenty years.  When not writing or reading adventure novels, he is most likely hiking, biking or playing tennis.




Author Interview Vanished From Dust Tour


I’m interviewing Shea Norwood, author of the tour for YA paranormal “Vanished from Dust”. My questions are bolded, author’s responses are in regular font.

What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Finding time to write!

Can you give us a short synopsis of Vanished from Dust?

Vanished from Dust is a completely fresh concept with an original plot. In the beginning, readers are drawn into the mystery of Eric’s phantoms and in later chapters submerged into a thrilling ride as Eric and his friend fight to survive the phantom world.

What inspired you to write this book?

I actually started Vanished from Dust over a decade ago, but lost interest in the direction of the plot so it was put aside and forgotten. I rediscovered it after sorting through some old boxes and rewrote all the parts that didn’t work. The concept for the story began when I wondered what it would be like to be trapped on the other side of the mirror and is loosely based off my hometown.

How many hours per day do you spend writing?

Unfortunately, not as many hours as I’d like at the moment! I’m completing a second Masters degree in a few weeks so school has taken up the majority of my writing time. I’ll be spending at least 2-3 hours a day in the near future.


Name your top five favourite books.

  1. The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King
  2. I am Number 4 Series by Pittacus Lore
  3. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins
  4. 11/22/63 by Stephen King
  5. Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne

About The Book

Vanished from Dust New AmazonTitle: Vanished From Dust

Author: Shea Norwood

Genre: YA Paranormal Mystery

This book is the first in a series.



Eric Stark is not insane. Or at least he doesn’t think so. He wishes everyone in Dust, Texas, felt the same way. But that’s not going to happen since the whole town thinks he’s crazy. Why didn’t he keep his mouth shut?

No one understands. Eric is alone as he battles his sanity in a town of tormenters. Suddenly a new friendship emerges after the new kid, Kyle Barrett, moves to town.

Eric reluctantly reveals his secret. Is it a curse or a gift? He isn’t certain, but with Kyle by his side he finds the courage to seek the truth.

They soon realize that something sinister is descending on the residents of Dust.

Is it caused by Eric’s phantoms or is it something else? Is it connected to the mysterious death of hundreds of townspeople over sixty years ago? One thing is certain—only Eric and Kyle can save them.

They set out on a heart-pounding adventure and find themselves transported to a disturbed and deserted version of their small southern town. They quickly discover that this new world has mysteries of its own to uncover. What they find could prove more than they bargained for, and it only leads to more questions. Eric and Kyle must face a horrifying fact—they may never get out alive.

“We’re gonna die here,” Kyle muttered.

“I don’t believe that,” Eric said. “And neither do you.”

Will they survive their encounter with these dark and mysterious beings?

Will they find a way back home?

Or will they be lost forever?

The Vanished from Dust series is perfect for anyone who craves a hair-raising thriller packed with mystery and suspense. This paranormal story for young adults can be compared to Stand by Me, mixed with Odd Thomas, and a twist of The Dark Tower.

Author Bio

Profile PicShea Norwood is a West Texas native that currently lives in the DFW area with his wife and son. He’s an avid reader and enjoys the craft of writing. The fictional town of Dust is loosely based on a small town south of Odessa, TX.





Twitter: @sheanorwood

Cover Reveal After Death


I’m happy to host a cover reveal today for “After Death”. I like this cover – the black silhouettes, the bubbles in all kinds of colors. It looks great.



About The Book

Title: After Death

Author: Elle Jefferson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

It’d been building for months, festering inside her, begging to come out, but she controlled it.

But standing over his body, watching blood pool beneath his chest and soak into the carpet, waiting for him to take his last breath, she knew.

Control could go to hell.

They all could go to hell and she’d send them there.

She was letting the monster out.

And with it, she would get her revenge.


Twitter: @oohlalakrysa
Facebook: AuthorElleJefferson

Promo Post The Progeny


About The Book

AA_PROGENY_MEDIUMTitle: The Progeny (The Progeny Series #1)

Author: Ashlynne Laynne

Genre: Paranormal Romance

THE PROGENY (The Progeny Series #1)

“No fate other than the one I choose.”                        

The timeless creed and tattoo bore by the Rousseaus— a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher, a half-bloodling— half- human, half vampire.

Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursula—a prearranged union to a woman he abhors —he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.

Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shauna—a beautiful, bi-racial human Wiccan—and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.

Author Bio

AA_ASHLYNNE_LAYNNE_LOGO_SMALLAshlynne Layne is an award winning songwriter, poet, and author of erotic paranormal and contemporary romance. She’s always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun-loathing night stalkers of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny.

Ashlynne loves writing on the edge—combining the erotica and romance genres—and thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the wicked, damned version of Romeo and Juliet. She is currently working on books six and seven of her Progeny Series, book one of her upcoming Alterity Series, and a novella spin off. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her family. She juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write exclusively one day soon.

She lives in the Carolinas with her husband and son.

More about Ashlynne

Zodiac: Leo

Favorite Music Genres: Alt Rock, 90’s Grunge, Pop

Favorite Musical Acts: Maroon 5, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Imagine Dragons, Florida Georgia Line, Adele, Rob Zombie, Robin Thicke, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Drake, Justin Timberlake

Favorite Movie Genre: Horror

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Anne Rice

Foods: Yogurt, Chocolate Milk, Chicken Alfredo

About The Progeny Series

At its core, The Progeny Series is simply about a man and woman who fall in love. The fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors. This series encompasses a family dynamic of which we’ve never seen.

The Rousseaus share a common mortal and immortal bloodline, but loyalty is the thread binding this vampire clan. Shauna and Ascher’s dissuaded love only strengthens the family bonds. Their unique union transcends bloodlines and completes the prophecy, defying the beliefs of centuries old covenants while shattering the wall between the Wiccan and vampire worlds that have existed for ages.

This series is erotic paranormal romance intended for adults and contains strong sexual content, adult sensuality, language and themes.

Follow Ashlynne Online

Ashlynne on FB * The Progeny Series on FB * Twitter * GR * * Reader Email * Amazon Author Page * Ascher and Shauna’s FB Page * Blog * Q-Rotic Press on FB Page * Q-Rotic

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Author Interview School of Deaths Tour


Interview time today. I’m hosting an interview for the book tour for YA fantasy novel “School of Deaths”. My questions are bolded, and the author’s responses are in regular font. Enjoy the interview!

What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Finding the time to get everything done, when you work another job, is a huge challenge. Marketing, editing, and drafting all take immense amounts of time. For me, marketing has been the most challenging of those three, but of all three the hardest issue remains finding the time.

Can you give us a short synopsis of School of Deaths?

Susan Sarnio, a thirteen-year-old girl in suburban Maryland, can’t stop losing weight. Her parents fear an eating disorder, but the truth reveals itself when a man in a hood appears at Suzie’s doorstep with a scythe: Suzie is a Death.

Suzie is forced to spend one year at the College of Deaths, where she’ll train to become a full Reaper, bringing souls from the Living World to the Hereafter. At the end of her year, if she passes a test, she can return home. Once at the College, Suzie realizes something is wrong. She is the first female Death at the College in a million years, and she suspects her sudden presence is no accident. She struggles to fight an overwhelming amount of sexism from both classmates and teachers, while also trying to unravel the reason she’s been brought there.

Suzie makes friends with her two housemates, and grows as a Death. She learns to use a scythe, and participates in Reaping souls. She also learns that long ago, souls were reaped by Dragons. Now, the College fears all contact with Dragons, but could the Dragons be responsible for her entrance there? A race of strange beings called Elementals serve the Deaths, yet the Elementals also struggle for respect, much the way Suzie does.

Can Suzie survive her year, and will her curiosity help her, or will it lead her down a more dangerous path?

What inspired you to write this book?

The idea for SCHOOL OF DEATHS emerged when I was finishing my graduate degree at Oxford University. I spent four months abroad, far from everyone I knew. Every week, I traveled somewhere I had never been before. I would climb castle ruins in Wales and visit cathedrals in England. One of my favorite trips was to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. After misjudging the time it’d take to get there, I became stranded. The tourist office was closed, and I couldn’t find a hostel. I walked from pub to pub asking if I could sleep above their bar.             The next morning, having slept none, since I’d found a room over a noisy pub, I crept to Barras Nose before dawn. Barras Nose is a stone peninsula, or rocky outcropping jutting into the Celtic Sea, just north of Tintagel. Tintagel itself is a small island with castle ruins on its cliffs. Some believe it to be the birthplace of King Arthur.  When I reached Barras Nose, the winds howled so fiercely that I had to crawl on all fours to keep from being blown into the ocean below. Then dawn broke.  No other humans were in sight. I struggled to keep my balance, but watched the sun rise on the ruins of the ancient castle, listening to the thunder of waves pounding the fifty foot cliffs I clung to. Wind battered me with ferocity, and I imagined a character being buffeted by winds, completely alone. I envisioned  Suzie, alone in a world of men, buffeted by sexism.

How many hours per day do you spend writing?

It really depends on the time of year. During the summers, I can spend 40 hours a week on writing. During the school year, particularly before a major production in the drama department, I sometimes go several weeks without writing at all.  Generally I try to spend at least a few hours every week working on my writing.

Name your top five favorite books.

Lord of the Rings, Pillars of the Earth, Harry Potter, Good Omens, His Dark Materials

What are you working on now?

I am currently editing “Sword of Deaths,” the second novel of “The Scythe Wielder’s Secret,” which releases this spring, following the print release of “School of Deaths” this winter. I have also started work on the third and final volume in the series.

About The Book

CoverSchoolofDeathsTitle: School of Deaths

Author: Christopher Mannino

Genre: YA Fantasy

Thrust into a world of men, can a timid girl find bravery as the first female Death?

Thirteen-year-old Suzie Sarnio always believed the Grim Reaper was a fairy tale image of a skeleton with a scythe.  Now, forced to enter the College of Deaths, she finds herself training to bring souls from the Living World to the Hereafter.

The task is demanding enough, but as the only female in the all-male College, she quickly becomes a target.  Attacked by both classmates and strangers, Suzie is alone in a world where even her teachers want her to fail.

Caught in the middle of a plot to overthrow the World of Deaths, Suzie must uncover the reason she’s been brought there: the first female Death in a million years.

Author Bio

image002Christopher Mannino’s life is best described as an unending creative outlet.  He teaches high school theatre in Greenbelt, Maryland.  In addition to his daily drama classes, he runs several after-school performance/production drama groups.  He spends his summers writing and singing.  Mannino holds a Master of Arts in Theatre Education from Catholic University, and has studied mythology and literature both in America and at Oxford University.  His work with young people helped inspire him to write young adult fantasy, although it was his love of reading that truly brought his writing to life.

Mannino is currently working on a sequel to “School of Deaths” as well as an adult science fiction novel.

Watch the trailer here

Book trailer:



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Release Party All The Pretty Bones


About The Book

23201655Title: All The Pretty Bones

Author: Camela Thompson

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

After ten years of living in the shadow of her stalker, a diagnosis of terminal cancer pushes Olivia Kardos to take matters into her own hands. Her final days will not be spent isolated from the world nor hiding like a hunted animal. It’s time for Mark Porter to die. Going against a trained killer alone would be foolish, but the handsome arms dealer who offers to help her has a dark secret of his own.

Homicide Detective Sean Howard has tried to push his ex out of his mind, but his next case brings her crashing back into his life. A woman is found exsanguinated and brutally stabbed in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood and she could be Olivia’s doppelganger. As more women are murdered and the similarities grow, Sean can’t shake the feeling that Olivia is next.

In a world where demons and vampires lurk just beneath the surface, what you don’t know can kill you.

Author Bio

3403042When I was a little girl, I loved writing stories about animals doing amazing things. Ducks could speak with humans, and hamsters had a suspicious tendency to follow plot lines that were strikingly similar to Indiana Jones. I grew up, found a career, and got married, forgetting the need to tell stories. A week cooped up in my house with an illness resulted in a random decision to write a novel. That first novel will probably never see the light of day, but it woke up something that had been dormant for years.

Despite dabbling in many genres, there is a driving force behind my stories. I love writing about women who shine in difficult circumstances. I will back them up against the wall and sit amazed as they manage to come out on the other side stronger than ever.









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