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About The Book

iwoofyoucoverTitle: I Woof You From the Bottom of my Heart

Author: Kathy Vassilakis

Genre: Children’s Book

The idea to write this book came from my daughter and my dog. This book was written to show children how special a bond and friendship they can have with their dog. Dog’s are wonderful pets and love us unconditionally. They will protect and love us no matter what. Children deserve to learn that at a very young age and grow to love all animals. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character

Author Bio

Personal Biography of Kathy Vassilakis

DSC00552Kathy Vassilakis used to work in the corporate world. She majored in accounting from Brooklyn College and followed her dream to work in corporate accounting for 15 years until she became a mom.

Being a mom was her dream all along and she left accounting to raise her beautiful daughter Sophia. She’s been writing stories for her daughter for quiet some time and decided to write her first children’s book of many to come I Woof You From The Bottom Of My Heart.

The idea to write this book came from my daughter and my dog. This book was written to show children how special a bond and friendship they can have with their dog. Dog’s are wonderful pets and love us unconditionally. They will protect and love us no matter what. Children deserve to learn that at a very young age and grow to love all animals. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character.

Growing Up

I grew up in Brooklyn NY. I was the second child out of two. I have one sister named Joanne and always had animals. We had many dogs throughout my childhood from Pomeranians to Chows. I also had ducks, roosters, chickens, bunnies and many more animals. I was and still am a huge animal lover.

My love of books started when my mother used to read wonderful stories to my sister and me every night. She always tried to teach us both languages Greek and English. My parents were born and raised in Greece so Greek was their first language. Most of the stories she read to us were in Greek but that started my love for reading and writing. I learned both languages and am now fluent in writing and reading Greek which I am very proud of.


I’ve been married now for five years and have one beautiful daughter. My daughter Sophia is 17 months old and she is my whole world. I also have a Japanese Chin named Bella. My husband, Greg, has always supported and believed in me, and my family will always be my inspiration.

Creating I Woof You From The Bottom Of My Heart

I have spent twenty years writing stories and brainstorming ideas for children’s books with my family. I came up with the characters Sophia and Bella after my own family. I was inspired by my daughter and the relationship she has with Bella and created I Woof You From The Bottom Of My Heart to teach children ho special a bond they can have with their dogs.

Compassion for animals is greatly connected to goodness of character this is the motto of the book. All animals deserve to be loved, respected, and treated right.

After a lot of hard work and many sleepless nights, I was finally able to publish my first book: I Woof You From The Bottom Of My Heart. To me, finally seeing my book in print and being able to share it with the public has made all the late nights and long hours worthwhile.







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About The Book

Picture2014 325Title: Cross Roads

Author: Donald Wilson II

Genre: Young Adult Action Adventure / Urban Fantasy

Published August 2014

260 pages

Print and e-book


Shawna is not a typical teenager.  Not only is she homeless and surviving in New York City on her wits and talents, but she is also the target of the Doma, a demonic race who appear human.  She believes that there is nothing remarkable about her, so why are they trying to kill her?

After barely escaping with her life, Shawna must ally herself with the only group capable of stopping them and keeping her alive.

Under the tutelage of Decker, and his personal assistant Gibbs, Shawna begins her intense training to become a member of this covert group.  They relocate to a small, rural town and Shawna manages to find friendship while gaining the attention of a charming and handsome young man.

Shawna’s new life is interrupted when her enemies discover her location and she is forced to put her training to the test.  Shawna comes to a deadly crossroads that will alter her life forever … if she can survive.

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Author Bio

HeadshotDonald Wilson II has been writing from a young age and has been published in numerous publications.  When he is not hammering at his computer and creating new stories or catching up on sports news, he can be found traveling across globe.  He lives in Westchester County, NY with his family and is currently working on book two of the CROSSROADS series.


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About The Book

1-TNBTATitle: The Noise Beneath The Apple

Author: Heather Jacks

Genre: Performing Arts & Music

The Noise Beneath the Apple® is a limited-edition, 200-page deluxe collector’s edition art-style book full of high quality photographs and intimate stories from 35 groundbreaking musicians in New York City’s underground music scene. It also comes with a very special eleven track vinyl record, which features the original music of a select number of participants. The audio component was mastered by Academy Award winning  engineer Reuben Cohen.

This book is a BOTYA winner.

Author Bio

Headshot-for-RH-580x537Heather Jacks was raised on an Indian reservation in southeastern Oregon, until age fifteen. Jacks was the first ‘experimental exchange student’ to Australia with an organization called YFU, Youth for Understanding, where she spent 10.5 months in 1982. Once she returned, she received her B.A. from USF and followed that with two years of study at UC Davis.  She has worked in the music industry in various capacities, since the eighties; radio, production, A&R, booking and most recently as a music journalist.  She recently won a Book of the Year Award for her multi-media project, The Noise Beneath the Apple®, which was inspired by her love for street music, busking and the people who make it.


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Promo Post for The Legacy Series


Not an interview today, for a change, but a promo. These books sound amazing! Links are below if you want to check them out on Amazon.

The Series

Legacy Series CoverTitle: The Legacy Series

Author: Leila Lacey

Genre : Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

Shelby Beasley is a smart, kind, and curvy woman. With bad family relationships and low self-esteem. She is the oldest daughter in the Beasley family. One of the richest most prominent families in the south. Her mother is over critical of her and her sister and brother, well they pretend she doesn’t exist. The only two people Shelby has are her father and her grandmother Queenie.

Logan Chandler is an ex-con from the other side of the tracks. Having made his share of stupid mistakes as a kid; he finally knows what he wants out of life and is trying to go after it. He is close to his family. He had a young daughter who was a product of another one of his mistakes, his mother and his twin brother Lance who is best friends with Shelby Beasley.

Logan hates rich people, he feels they use their money and power to break laws and keep poor people down and never suffer any consequences. Shelby is and has always been the exception to that. She was the one and only person he could think of that he actually liked that was wealthy. When Shelby needs his brothers help and Logan has to step in it starts a journey of discovery, heartbreak and love. Can Shelby discover her true power and stand up for herself and love the wonderful woman she is? Can Logan put all his demons aside and share in the love and acceptance Shelby has to give? Or will the Legacy of being a Beasley keep them apart?

BONUS: Sample of “A Broken Belle” to be released in March 2015

Author Bio

IMG_0328Leila Lacey is a romance author living in Michigan. With 3 Amazon Best Selling Books. Her unique, yet titillating, genre blurs the lines between romance, interracial love and erotica. Now in her late 30’s, Leila has been passionate about writing since age 10. She can often be found traveling the world, enjoying water sports, listening to jazz music or volunteering at Vista Maria, a local youth program for young women. Leila, above all else, loves her friends and family. It is with their support that she is able to create magical scenes of true human intimacy on every page. Follow Leila Lacey on her endeavor to be America’s next New York Time’s Bestselling Author!



Book Links: The Legacy Series Complete Set





Promo Post The Affair



Author: Olivia Grace

Genre: New Adult Romance

Karrie Stahl and Justin Hunter aren’t your typical lovers. Sure, they love each other immensely. The passion between them is undeniable. There are just a few things horribly wrong with their love. Well, Karrie Stahl is living with her boyfriend, Tyler, and she’s never seen Justin face-to-face. As most lovers do in this day of social media and online dating, Karrie and Justin met online. Yet, no matter how they met, unbeknownst to Karrie, she had become addicted to a complete stranger. But you don’t know that you are addicted to anything until you are forced to give it up.

The day comes when they meet and things go left, when she had all hopes for it to go right. And that is when Karrie’s world begins to fall apart. She hates her drunk, loser boyfriend. Her job sucks. And she is days away from being kicked out of college, if she can’t pay tuition. What’s a girl to do when life has strapped her into an emotional and dramatic roller coaster? She sucks it up, cries on the inside like a winner, and takes life by the groin… literally.

Author Bio

Olivia Grace is a thirty-two year old mom, wife, avid reader, lover of romance, and author of New Adult Romance. Her debut novelette, The Affair, is an entertaining and provocative New Adult series! She is a working mom of two and lives in a small town in the state of Indiana.




Twitter: @gracetheewriter


Guest Post Legends, Lovers and Lives


What’s A Little Grace Between Friends? A Character Interview With Merceline Renault


Cover Image_Lisa OlsenHello all, Lisa Olsen here – writer with a robot brain.  I’m a new adult, paranormal romance author of 19 books, best known for my bestselling Forged Bloodlines series.

I’ve been asked to be a part of a huge multi-author sale this summer.  On June 14th, 16 authors will make one of their Fantasy New Adult and Coming of Age books available for $0.99!  I’ll be participating with Angel of Mercy, the first in The Fallen series.  There will be a massive party going down on Facebook with freebies and games from all participating authors.  Stop by the Facebook event page to join.  There will be a prize given for whoever invites the most attendees, so be sure to invite your friends!

Angel of Mercy is about a girl whowakes up in the hospital after a brutal stabbing, with broken memories of a mysterious stranger with piercing blue eyes that haunts her dreams. Samael is a fallen angel, bound to the Earth and living out his life among humans but apart from them. Unwilling to let an innocent die, Sam bestowed some of his Grace to Mercy, healing her wounds and imbuing her with some of his angelic powers. Complicating things is Adamiel, the reckless fallen angel who is Sam’s enigmatic friend. Now Mercy’s eyes are opened to a whole new world beyond the human realm… and their eyes are opened to her.

Here is an interview with Mercy:

Iris: Iris here, and I’m talking to Merceline Renault, a bartender in Seattle and part time angel.  You’ve had a crazy few months, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Mercy: Call me Mercy, please, nobody calls me Merceline but my mother.  [Her nose wrinkles with distaste, and I remember she doesn’t have the best relationship with her mother by all accounts] I wouldn’t say I’m a part time angel, I’m still me.  I’m just… well, not entirely human anymore.

Iris: That sounds interesting, how did you get that way?

Mercy: I got stabbed in the alley outside of the club I work at, Eden.  I don’t remember much about it, but when I woke up in the hospital, I was different.  [Her expression grows distant for a fleeting moment with remembered pain or something else, it’s hard to say] I found out later that Sam had healed me and some of his Grace rubbed off on me.

Iris: Sam is your guardian angel?

Mercy: No, not exactly.  He didn’t follow me around or anything you normally think of from a guardian angel.  I’d never met him before that night in the alley.  For whatever reason he decided I was worth saving and he healed me.

Iris: I dunno, sounds kind of like a guardian angel to me.  What kinds of things can you do with the Grace?

Mercy: I can’t fly or anything, but there are a few tricks I can do like make myself imperceptible to people and the Grace protects me from harm.  I can see people’s souls now, tell if they’re good or bad, that sort of thing.  Oh and my eyes turned blue, they used to be brown. [She leans close to show me]

Iris: They sure are, I was noticing them before.  They’re just like Sam’s.

Mercy: Oh, Sam let you see him?  That’s impressive, usually he hides from most people.

Iris: Why would he do that?

Mercy: I don’t think he’s comfortable around people for the most part. He takes the exile part of being Fallen very seriously.

Iris: But not Adam, right?  Does he take anything seriously?

Mercy: [A scowl crosses her face and she shifts in her chair] I don’t want to talk about Adam.

Iris: Fair enough.

Mercy: Have you seen him?  Is he okay? [Her expression softens, teeth worrying at her bottom lip]

Iris: Not yet, I’ve got an appointment to talk to him next week.  Is there anything you want me to ask him?

Mercy: No.  Yes, ask him… no never mind, I don’t care what he has to say. [She waves the question away]

Iris: Yeah, I can see that…  Okay, if we’re not going to talk about Adam, who should we talk about?  Ben?

Mercy: Just because he’s sexy as hell doesn’t mean I’m sitting at home thinking about him…

Iris: Who, Ben is sexy as hell?

Mercy: What? [She blinks, as if she has just realized she was talking aloud] No…  I mean, yeah, he’s sexy in a different way, I guess.  Ben is a great guy. Things are going great between us.

Iris: That’s good. He seems like a really nice guy, for a cop.  He was really there for you when you were attacked by that Weatie guy, wasn’t he?

Mercy: Yeah, he was really great. He even let me stay with him for a little bit after Weatie broke into my apartment.

Iris: Yes, you said that already.  So you guys smoothed out the rough patch you were going through when he thought you were hiding things from him?

Mercy: Well, to be fair, I was hiding things from him.  I couldn’t just come out and tell him I was seeing angels, fallen or otherwise, let alone tell him about my Grace.

Iris: Why not?  If he’s such a great guy?

Mercy: I don’t really know.  Something told me he might head for the hills, and I really wanted one thing in my life to be normal, you know?

Iris: I can understand that.  So everything is back to normal then?

Mercy: For the most part, yes.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when Sam walked into the bar.  He is not a bar kind of guy.

Iris: So, I’m dying to ask you, what did he say?

Mercy: [She hesitates for a moment, as though she’s not sure she should talk about it, and then leans forward, her voice dropping conspiratorially] He said that there’s a prophecy that talks about a demon or something trying to be reborn to the world through me.  Well, someone who sounds an awful lot like me. My name wasn’t in it or anything.

Iris: Yikes, that sounds scary.  What are you going to do about that?

Mercy: Honestly?  I have no idea.  [Her voice takes on a forlorn note and I remember she’s really still in the middle of dealing with some major stuff here] I really wish Adam was here.

Iris: I thought you didn’t care where Adam was?

Mercy: [Just like that she sits up straighter, the vulnerability gone] I don’t.  Not specifically… I just need all the help that I can get.

Iris: I think you’re not being honest with yourself.

Mercy: I think you talk too much. [Uh oh, I may have worn out my welcome here…]

Iris: I’m sorry, occupational hazard. I’m just calling it like I see it.  And from where I’m sitting, it looks like your feelings for Adam are unresolved.

Mercy: I’m with Ben.  [Those blue eyes stare me down until I change the subject]

Iris: So did you tell Ben about what’s going on?  About fallen angels and demons and the prophecy?

Mercy: I’m going to.  In fact, I should get going right now.  No sense in putting it off any longer. [She doesn’t sound too thrilled by the prospect]

Iris: Good luck. [It doesn’t seem like enough, but she accepts it with a tight smile]

Mercy: Thanks.  Something tells me I’m going to need it.


For more information about me or any of my books, please visit my website at or find me at and I hope to see you at the event on June 14th.

Promo Post Francesca of Lost Nation


Francesca.Lost.Nation.Cover.FNLTitle: Francesca of Lost Nation

Author: Lucinda Sue Crosby

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Winner of Four Literary Prizes / Author selected as one of “50 Authors You Should be Reading” by The Authors Show online media outlet

This family saga is “funny at times and filled with little pearls of everyday wisdom, it is as much a romantic thriller as it is a perfect little capsule of a time gone by. It is a book about love of all kinds – between grandmother and child, between child and dog, between man and woman.”

If you like Old Fashioned Romance Reads similar to Norah Roberts or Kristin Hanna for kindle, you will want to add this one to your collection:

Here’s a little about the story:

When a mysterious man named Matthew appears in the small Iowa town of Lost Nation, his sudden arrival raises questions about his past. Quiet with an apparent taste for rum, Matthew makes it clear he doesn’t want to make friends. He isn’t too pleased to be dropped off at Home Farm where the independent and eccentric Francesca doesn’t accept bad manners or booze binges.

Matthew doesn’t want to form personal ties and intends to move on as soon as his damaged leg from a recent plane crash heals. But a series of events draw him into reluctant relationships: One with the feisty Francesca, the second with her 10-year-old granddaughter Sarah.

In spite of her own reservations, Francesca finds herself falling for this brooding pilot but his past looms between the pair and what neither knows is that Sarah, Francesca’s 10-year-old granddaughter, has encountered a stranger of her own … leading to a climatic confrontation that will put her and her grandmother’s life in danger.

Those that enjoy family sagas or family drama will also embrace this story

There are plenty of eccentric characters, including Francesca who is quirky and full of secrets – she keeps the town gossips busy. There are some dramatic family dynamics that cause tension and uneasiness at times. Because the story is told through the wide-eyed 10-year-old Sarah, this romance mystery is humorous at times.

Readers love this kindle romance fiction, because it has a touch of everything: friendship, humor, romance, adventure and mystery.

Author Bio

Magazine photoLucinda Sue Crosby is an International Kindle Bestselling author and award-winning journalist and environmentalist as well as a published and recorded Nashville songwriter. She’s also a former film and television actor, professional athlete and sports commentator. Lucinda Sue has always had a love affair with the written word.


Amazon (Paperback):

Amazon (Kindle):