Release Day An Impossible Dilemma


About the Book

An Impossible DilemmaTitle: An Impossible Dilemma

Author: Netta Newbound

Genre: Thriller

Local vets Victoria and Jonathan Lyons seem to have everything—a perfect marriage, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, Emily, and a successful business. Until they discover Emily has a rare and fatal illness.

Early trials show that a temporary fix would be to transplant a hormone from a living donor. However in the trials; the donors had died within twenty four hours. They have no choice but to accept their daughter is going to die.

When Jonathan is suddenly killed in a farming accident, Victoria turns to her sick father-in-law, Frank, for help.  A series of events present Victoria and Frank with a situation that, although illegal, could help save Emily.

Will they take it?

Author Bio

Netta Newbound, originally from Manchester, England, now lives in New Zealand with her husband Paul and their boxer dog Alfie. She has three grown-up children and two delicious grandchildren.


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Book Review Godwin’s Law

godwin_coverTitle: Godwin’s Law

Author: Bernard Maestas

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 5 stars

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Gwen Kane, estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire and the bearer of a horrifying secret is lured into a dangerous international cult. It falls to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her. What should be easy money for the mercenary team of a freerunning ex-commando and his computer hacking partner proves to be anything but as they find themselves doggedly pursued across Europe, Canada and the United States by highly trained forces with resources vastly disproportionate to the recapture of one missing acolyte.

Will Alex and Ted unravel the mystery of Gwen’s importance in time to survive?
Will Gwen pierce the seemingly impenetrable armor around Alex’s heart?

Will Alex and Ted get paid?”

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading. I expected to enjoy this book…but turned out, I did more than just enjoy it – I loved it. Gwen Kane is the estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire, holds a terrifying secret, and has been lured into a dangerous cult. It’s up to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her, and they do so in fast-paced, breathless style, in a book packed with action from start to end. What should be an easy mission ends in a manhunt across Europe, Canada and the USA. The duo starts to wonder why Gwen is so important, and more importantly, if they’ll ever get paid for all their hard work.

This is the second book in the series, but I managed to follow it just fine without having read the first book. The book was so action-packed, I barely had time to breathe, let alone take a break while reading. It also has a good dose of humor, sometimes subtle, and as a reader, I couldn’t help but root for the two main characters. Flawed as they are, they immediately appealed to me.

An excellent thriller, highly recommended to anyone who loves this genre.

Author Interview Godwin’s Law Tour


I’m interviewing Bernard Maestas, author of thriller “Godwin’s Law”. My questions are bolded, author’s responses are in regular font.

What’s the hardest part of being an author?

Answering this question, haha!

In all seriousness, the hardest things are probably rejection and writer’s block. Anything artistic requires thick skin but having your manuscript rejected by hundreds of agents and publishers can be absolutely heartbreaking. Two unpublished novels, in particular, that I wrote, almost ended my career because I was so devastated by their failure.

When I’m actually on a roll, writing itself comes easily, but I face these long and painful bouts of being completely stifled creatively.

The marketing and promotion aspects of the job are decidedly tough for me, too. I’m not really good at that sort of stuff. The social media aspect of it doesn’t come easily to me either but I love connecting with my fans and readers, so that certainly makes up for it.


Can you give us a short synopsis of Godwin’s Law?

Godwin’s Law features the return of wisecracking mercenaries Ted and Alex from Say That to my Face, the first book in my Internet Tough Guys series. Ted Reagan, computer hacker and MIT graduate, is the brains. Alex Kirwan, ex-French Foreign Legion commando and parkour traceur, is the brawn. Together, they are soldiers of fortune, fighting for themselves under the banner of their own company, Reagan Kirwan International. This book is their first mission of their new company, a seemingly simple job of extracting a young woman from a dangerous international cult and delivering her back to her family. Surprisingly, the cult is not willing to let her go easily and throws all of their paramilitary resources behind getting her back. The answer to what makes her so valuable to them is beyond belief!

What inspired you to write this book?

There were quite a few things that inspired me in roundabout ways. The Empire Strikes Back gave me the idea start-to-finish chase while the song “Not Gonna Get Us” by TATU always played in my head when I envisioned the movie trailer for this story.

More directly, the heroine, Gwen, was inspired by someone I knew. I needed some way to channel my thoughts of that person and this story came to mind, heavily adapted and exaggerated, of course.


How many hours per day do you spend writing?

When I’m on a roll, I can go for twelve hours or more just banging away. But, I suffer serious and frequent bouts of writer’s block and go weeks or months without writing. I wrote my last book in a week (eight days, to be exact) but I’ve only done two in 2014.


Name your top five favourite books.

Easy. In order from number one, Catcher in the Rye, Great Gatsby, Macbeth (does that count?), Ender’s Game, and Moby Dick. I love to read, I go through about a book a week, and there are many that I really love, but these are the ones that have stood the test of time for me. I read them all when I was young and still love them to this day.

What are you working on now?

I just finished a noir crime thriller/mystery called Concrete Smile that was a blend of two of my unpublished novels with an idea that’s been festering in my brain for about thirteen years. It came out better than I could have hoped!

Now, I’m working on a really cool (I think) fantasy novel under the working title of OneiroKnights. I’ve also got the outlines for the next two Internet Tough Guys novels ready to go but I felt like I needed a break from thrillers having just written the third in the series, You Think This is a Game?, and Concrete Smile. OneiroKnights is actually two fantasy novel ideas I had compressed into one super-story!

About Godwin’s Law

godwin_coverTitle: Godwin’s Law

Author: Bernard Maestas

Genre: Thriller

Gwen Kane, estranged daughter of a Forbes millionaire and the bearer of a horrifying secret is lured into a dangerous international cult. It falls to Alex Kirwan and Ted Reagan to rescue her. What should be easy money for the mercenary team of a freerunning ex-commando and his computer hacking partner proves to be anything but as they find themselves doggedly pursued across Europe, Canada and the United States by highly trained forces with resources vastly disproportionate to the recapture of one missing acolyte.

Will Alex and Ted unravel the mystery of Gwen’s importance in time to survive?
Will Gwen pierce the seemingly impenetrable armor around Alex’s heart?

Will Alex and Ted get paid?”

Author Bio

Bernard Maestas lives in paradise. A police officer patrolling the mean streets of Hawaii, he has a background in contract security and military and civilian law enforcement. When not saving the world, one speeding ticket at a time, and not distracted by video games or the internet, he is usually hard at work on his next book.


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Release Party All The Pretty Bones


About The Book

23201655Title: All The Pretty Bones

Author: Camela Thompson

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

After ten years of living in the shadow of her stalker, a diagnosis of terminal cancer pushes Olivia Kardos to take matters into her own hands. Her final days will not be spent isolated from the world nor hiding like a hunted animal. It’s time for Mark Porter to die. Going against a trained killer alone would be foolish, but the handsome arms dealer who offers to help her has a dark secret of his own.

Homicide Detective Sean Howard has tried to push his ex out of his mind, but his next case brings her crashing back into his life. A woman is found exsanguinated and brutally stabbed in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood and she could be Olivia’s doppelganger. As more women are murdered and the similarities grow, Sean can’t shake the feeling that Olivia is next.

In a world where demons and vampires lurk just beneath the surface, what you don’t know can kill you.

Author Bio

3403042When I was a little girl, I loved writing stories about animals doing amazing things. Ducks could speak with humans, and hamsters had a suspicious tendency to follow plot lines that were strikingly similar to Indiana Jones. I grew up, found a career, and got married, forgetting the need to tell stories. A week cooped up in my house with an illness resulted in a random decision to write a novel. That first novel will probably never see the light of day, but it woke up something that had been dormant for years.

Despite dabbling in many genres, there is a driving force behind my stories. I love writing about women who shine in difficult circumstances. I will back them up against the wall and sit amazed as they manage to come out on the other side stronger than ever.









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Cover Reveal Party Washed Hands


We’re hosting the cover reveal party today for mystery/thriller “Washed Hands” by Jonathan Charles Bruce.

We hope you like the cover!


About the Book

Title: Washed Hands

Author: Jonathan Charles Bruce (

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Release Date: October 14, 2014

Publisher: Booktrope Publishing (

Price: $13.95 (paperback)

ISBN:             9781620154656


Breaking up can be one of the hardest things a person can do, something that the dedicated team at Washed Hands, Inc. thoroughly understands. Whether one’s soon-to-be-ex is manipulative, violent, or anything else that makes a clean break difficult, the company’s rejection counselors ensure that the split is established and maintained in no uncertain terms. And in the toughest cases, no one’s better at this than Monica Deimos.

Brought in on what appeared to be a relatively straight-forward domestic nightmare, Monica

realizes all-too-late that she has been set up to take the fall for the murder of a wealthy socialite.

As the police close in, Monica needs to discover who she can trust, who wants her out of the way, and why she was framed.

She’s no fool, though. The best case scenario ends in a jail cell… the worst in a body bag.




Author Bio

7862046Jonathan Bruce began writing what amounted to terrible Star Trek: The Next Generation fan fiction when he was four. Although the original manuscripts are lost (or perhaps destroyed), we can rest assured that his prose has improved significantly since then. After high school, he began writing and directing plays which gradually improved depending on whom you ask. He discovered his love of a good fight scene after writing a Dracula knock-off which took a 19th century classic and made it less about Victorian yearning and 300% more about stabbing things in the jugular.

And yes, this means he wrote vampire fiction before Stephanie Meyer made it cool to sparkle in the sun.

He has a Master’s Degree in History, thanks largely to his thesis focusing on MUSIC, a Milwaukee-based school desegregation campaign during the 1960’s. He also enjoys discussing/making fun of pop culture of the 20th century and reading books of a non-historical nature. In his off moments, you can catch him writing for fun or making inane movies about nothing in particular. He also occasionally provides work for Twenty Four Pages a Second, a pretty keen website you should totally check out.




Twitter: @jonathancbruce

Book Excerpt from Hostile Takeover


I’m hosting an excerpt today from mystery / thriller “Hostile Takeover”. Enjoy the excerpt.

About The Book

HTKindleCoverTitle: Hostile Takeover

Author: K.S. Ferguson

Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Sci-Fi

Rafe McTavish, security expert and new CEO at interplanetary mega-corp EcoMech, and his undercover ally Kama Bhatia, hacker and corporate spy, continue their pursuit of a ruthless blackmailer in the sequel to Calculated Risk.

When Rafe’s arrival on EcoMech’s frontier colony world ruins their adversary’s plan for supremacy, events take a deadly turn. As tensions amongst the workers rise and unrest turns to violence, Rafe and Kama must race to unmask a killer before Rafe and his family fall victims to a murderous hostile takeover.

Author Bio

K S Ferguson has published three novels, Calculated Risk, Hostile Takeover, and Touching Madness, and one critically-acclaimed novella, Puncher’s Chance (co-written with James Grayson,) which appeared in the June 2006 edition of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, America’s longest-running science fiction magazine. She enjoys writing suspense and murder mysteries in futuristic and fantasy settings, and also writes fiction in the guise of technical manuals for unfinished software—otherwise known as help documentation.


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Book Excerpt

Kama’s gaze slid to the flyer’s side window, and then down. The breath caught in her throat. A thousand meters below, a blanket of dense smoke obscured the ground. Hidden beneath the smoke, flames driven by a stiff breeze consumed endless hectares of noxious garraweed, the dominant life form on EcoMech’s colony world, Harvest.

The heat of the updraft buffeted the flyer and jolted Kama against the passenger door. She tightened her seatbelt a notch and tucked her duffel firmly between her feet. Then she ordered herself to stop thinking about the raging inferno below. They were perfectly safe at this altitude.

She’d seen the garraweed up close when she’d arrived at Harvest’s shuttleport. An ocean of two-meter tall golden stalks crowded the runways and buildings. With each gust of wind, billowing clouds of red dust spewed from the crimson flowers at the apex of the waving growth. The swirling haze of spores painted a spectacular blood red sunrise over Harvest’s too-blue sky.

At the flyer’s controls, newly appointed EcoMech CEO Rafe McTavish tossed her an apologetic smile. “Sorry about the bumpy ride.”

“Scorched earth,” she said. “Typical corporate approach. Do the eco-protesters storming your Mumbai offices know about this?”

He cast her a cool look. “No, and I’d prefer to keep it that way.”

His tone was light, but Kama heard the fatigue—and the warning. He’d sacrificed piloting his own company to take the job at EcoMech, all so he could pursue Leon Goldman’s blackmailer undercover. He didn’t need more complications.

Something mechanical screeched. Then a belch of oily black smoke puffed from the flyer’s right front nacelle. The craft canted right and dropped two meters. The pitch of the fans in the other three nacelles increased, and the flyer corrected back to level.

“We lost a fan,” McTavish said in a patently ‘don’t panic’ voice. “We’ll be fine running on three engines.”

Kama released the death grip on her duffel strap, irked that he thought she needed reassurance—or that she didn’t understand the mechanics of a flyer. Give her three hours with an industrial grade replicator and she’d design and build a four-passenger flyer that would run rings around this crate.

The flyer bumped and jounced through the turbulent air over the fire. Kama gritted her teeth.

“This thing has worse aerodynamics than a pig.”

McTavish turned her way, and his blue eyes sparkled. “You’ve flown a pig?”

“In simulations,” she replied.

He grinned and waited. She shifted in her seat and wished she hadn’t said anything.

“It was a genetic engineering lesson meant to teach the limits of genome manipulation. The pig had to be flight capable while retaining its ability to produce high quality ham and bacon.”

His grin broadened. “And did you succeed in creating such an animal?”

“That depends.”

“On how you define flight?” he guessed.

She crossed her arms over her chest. “No, on how you define ham. It’s simply appendage muscle infused with carcinogens. The source appendage shouldn’t matter.”


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Promo Post The Unholy Book Tour


9780865349599-Perfect w modern.inddTitle: The Unholy

Author: Paul DeBlassie III

Genre: Psychological / Paranormal Thriller

A young curandera, a medicine woman, intent on uncovering the secrets of her past is forced into a life-and-death battle against an evil Archbishop. Set in the mystic land of Aztlan, the Unholy is a novel of destiny as healer and slayer. native lore of dreams and visions, shape changing, and natural magic work to spin a neo-gothic web in which sadness and mystery lure the unsuspecting into a twilight realm of discovery and decision.

Author Bio

DeBlassieCMYK4x6419F1233Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D., is a psychologist and writer living in Albuquerque who has treated survivors of the dark side of religion for more than 30 years. His professional consultation practice — SoulCare — is devoted to the tending of the soul. Dr. DeBlassie writes psychological thrillers with an emphasis on the dark side of the human psyche. The mestizo myth of Aztlan, its surreal beauty and natural magic, provides the setting for the dark phantasmagoric narrative in his fiction.  He is a member of the Depth Psychology Alliance, the Transpersonal Psychology Association and the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.



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